Lion Decision: Mariah, or Toni?

Lions looking forward to seeing Mariah Carey and Toni Braxton on Thanksgiving.

ALLEN PARK - The Detroit Lions don't get much exposure on the National scene but the annual Thanksgiving Day game is a treat for them because it comes with 10 days off after a short week.

Mariah Carey Will Perform At Halftime

"It's almost like a bye week, " said Lions receiver Roy Williams. "We need it to because we've got a lot of guys banged up."

But to a man, all the players were looking forward to the national spotlight and a chance to get a glimpse, if ever so slightly at two nationally renowned and Grammy winning recording artists, Toni Braxton who will sing the National Anthem and Mariah Carey, who will perform two of her chart topping hits at halftime.

But, determined from a decidely non-scientific poll, the results were overwhelming. The Lions are glad Braxton is singing the National Anthem because they'll at least get to see her. Braxton was the clear favorite over Carey.

"Toni Braxton," said linebacker Wali Rainer, who was at first teased about his selection by running mate Donte' Curry, who then admitted he agreed with the pick.

"All man," said Woody. "Toni will be out there for the national anthem. I just answered my question. It'll be Toni, that's the only one I'm going to see, so I want to see Toni."

The Favorite: Braxton Will Sing the National Anthem

The lone holdout for Carey was receiver Roy Williams who admitted, "I'm a Mariah Carey kind of guy myself," said Williams. "All they've got to do is just add Beyonce [Knowles]" he laughed.

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