Coaching Change? Same Losing, Same Excuses

During and after Sunday's 21-16 loss, the team looks, sounds, acts like former head coach Mariucci's team's did.

ALLEN PARK - What exactly was the point of this week's coaching change? Lions head man Matt Millen said the team was underachieving and younger players weren't being developed. So Millen turned the team over to defensive coordinator Dick Jauron.

How did Jauron respond?

Detroit got into the red zone three times in the first half and couldn't score a touchdown just like before. There was the Lions defense giving up big plays just like before. There was Jeff Garcia as the starter just like before and there was Charles Rogers, Dan Orlovsky and the practice squad standout Jason Randall all on the inactive list just like before.

And oh yeah, there's another loss, just like before.

There was nothing new about the offensive play calling, no young players got developed and guess what? "New" head coach Jauron intends to give you more of the same next Sunday night when the Lions head to Lambeau Field next week

As you might expect, the results were predictable, the Lions lost another game (21-16 to the Minnesota Vikings) and made all the same tired excuses.

Let's see, I think I have them memorized by now:

1. "We've got to go back and look at the film and get some things fixed."
2. "We made some plays, but we weren't able to get it done."
3. "Guys have to work harder in practice to have it show up on Sunday."
4. "The team played their tails off, its a very disappointed locker room."

Let's take a look at the actual quotes coming from the Lions coaching staff and players.

"Anytime you go out and lose, while putting forth a good effort it's always tough," said Lions defensive tackle Shaun Rogers, who played a pretty decent game, recording three tackles for loss.

Still, it's nothing more than a variation of old number No. 2.

Offered Garcia: "You would like to think that it's something that you can iron out in practice and continue to work on, continue to grind, and continue to bust your tail out at practice because if it's not happening out there, then it's not going to happen on Sunday."

Ding, ring up a number No. 3 special.

"We just have to keep fighting," contended running back Artose Pinner. "We know that when we watch this film, they didn't do anything to stop us. We just got the ball rolling a little too late."

Pinner gets the prize for a textbook use of excuse number No. 1. "Really, those big plays early were really disheartening and they fought through them. Other than that, it is never good to lose. It is never a good feeling to lose and they don't feel very good about it," says Lions head coach Steve....errr... Dick Jauron rounding our quotes portion of this column by making solid use of good old number No. 4.

It's hard to blame the players and the coaches, they've got to say something to the media when they're all out of answers and real insight, so the old standbyes get cycled and recycled after every loss.

At this point, the surprise would be if someone actually stood up and said they were tired of losing and wanted off this sinking ship.

Oops, that's right, Dre' Bly did that last week and got ripped to shreds by the media and the fans.

Hey Dre' next time you're thinking about telling the truth about this pathetic team that spins its wheels in a perpetual rut year-in and year-out, the fans and my media brothers would rather you reach into your hip pocket and just trot out that old classic number No. 1.

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