Jauron: Harrington Still A Possibility

ALLEN PARK - Lions' interim coach Dick Jauron hasn't completely shut the door on former starter Joey Harrington. Comments and more inside.

ALLEN PARK - Lions' interim coach Dick Jauron hasn't completely shut the door on former starter Joey Harrington.

During Monday's media briefing, Jauron was pegged with questions regarding the quarterback position. Last week, his decision to start veteran Jeff Garcia was widely scrutinized, and eventually backfired.

Garcia struggled mightily in Sunday's 21-16 loss to Minnesota, tossing an game-ending interception and failing to hit open receivers.

"I will answer generally and say that yeah, we will look at everything, and we do," said Jauron when asked whether or not Harrington would return as starter. "We will try to look at every situation and think of what we can do to make us a better team next Sunday than we were this past Sunday.

"If the answer is yes, then we will make any switch that we can if we think that will improve our chances to win."

The Lions will travel to Green Bay for a Sunday night game at Lambeau Field. They haven't won in Green Bay since 1991.

Jauron defended his decision to start Garcia, and stated any pending positional changes wouldn't be discussed until Wednesday.

"(Jeff) certainly has a lot of experience in the league - his experience and his success in the league," said Jauron. "I have always admired his courage and when I say these things obviously, I am talking only about Jeff; I am not talking in comparison to Joey (Harrington) or in comparison to Dan (Orlovsky).

"Clearly, experience-wise, he has a big edge there. In terms of handling a game, there are so many things in the course of the game and in a game plan that a lot of them are not apparent.

"The decisions made on the line of scrimmage depending on what the defense does, when they do it, how they do it, how you control the game clock, the huddle, all of those issues, so going into this game it was my opinion that he was the guy."

If Harrington does remain the starter, for now and into the future, he might benefit from Jauron's offensive ideologies.

Surprisingly, Jauron did admit that his offensive philosophy -- although undefined at the moment -- would be developed around the players, and not vice-versa. That agenda conflicts with that of former head coach Steve Mariucci, whose stubborn offensive policies sometimes conflicted with the team's personnel -- and eventually was a cause of his dismissal.

Jauron, who said he "unequivocally" would like to remain head coach of the Detroit Lions for next season, would not elaborate on his scheme.

"I won't answer the question specifically because it's not in our best interest for me to really give a yes or no on that," he said. "I'm not any one thing. I've never been. I've been in the west coast scheme a number of times. I think you build an offense off of your personnel and then you build a philosophy off of that. Inside any offense or defense, you'll have enough different things to do and to run in a game. You emphasize these; you drop these out for this game and do different things.

"I'm pretty open depending on the personnel. I feel the same way defensively. You build it around your personnel and move from there."

Regardless of quarterback or philosophy, Jauron said that the team would look to throw the ball down the field more often.

"Without saying yes or no, we have (players) like Roy (Williams); I think Roy is a rare talent," said Jauron. "If he keeps working and we can keep him on the field, healthy and get the timing needed, he is clearly a weapon that people have a tough time dealing with. Mike's (Williams) a giant receiver. He gives people mismatch problems really anywhere down the field.

Jauron added: "I would say that it is not necessarily pushing it down the field, which you have to do sometimes and probably more just to stretch a defense even if it's not completed, but we just have to be more consistent in our game. Within the bounds of what you might call medium-range throws, we have opportunity for some bigger plays, some big plays. Unfortunately, we're not taking advantage of it."

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