Expect the worst on Sunday Night in Green Bay

So what does Jauron intend to do to shake things up against the 2-10 Green Bay Packers Sunday night in the very cold, if not frigid Lambeau Field? Absolutely nothing.

ALLEN PARK - You think things have hit rock bottom with the Lions?

Think again.

The worst is still yet to come.

How can things get any worse?

GM Matt Millen fired head coach Steve Mariucci two weeks ago and stated very publicly that his desire was to use the last five games of the season to develop the younger players.

Millen elevated defensive coordinator and very close friend of the ex-coach to the role of interim coach, a role that Jauron admitted he didn't want, but he understood why he was here.

How's this for a response?

"I'm not a person that said the younger guys are going to play," said Jauron. "I've said all along that the people we think will win the game for us will be on the field on Sunday. And I don't sense myself changing from that. Nor do I think I've said anything different from that."

Taking it one step further, Jauron has begun re-implementing nearly every facet of Mariucci's program; starting Jeff Garcia, benching Joey Harrington, inactivating Charles Rogers and not even giving a sniff to young corners Stanley Wilson and Keith Smith. The results were predictable, a loss to a rebounding Minnesota team giving the Vikings a season sweep and their 7th consecutive victory over the Lions.

So what does Jauron intend to do to shake things up against the 2-10 Green Bay Packers Sunday night in the very cold, if not frigid Lambeau Field?

Absolutely nothing.

Jauron intends to go with the status quo which means Garcia at quarterback, four active receivers and the same game plan. That has to be music to the ears of Brett Favre, the aging but still occasionally spectacular one. The thought of Andre' Goodman and/or R.W. McQuarters at one corner and Jon McGraw at the free safety is going to get Favre's juices flowing again.

And with Garcia's constant criticism of his teammates playing about as well as Jack Benny's fiddle, they will respond about the way you'd expect them to respond to his attempts at leadership; with a resounding "whatever man." Several players have told me privately that Garcia needs to worry about himself, after all, he hasn't exactly lit the place on fire.

For Matt Millen, he's in a no-win situation. He could attempt to order Jauron to play the younger players, but what if Jauron refuses, which is what he has basically done? Millen can't really fire him, can he? He's got nowhere to turn, every coach remaining on staff is a Mariucci disciple.

So the last four games of a wasted season will also be wasted. No young players will be developed, poor work habits and bad attitudes will carry over into a true winter of discontent.

It'll be cold…really cold in Wisconsin on Sunday night. The Lions do not play well on grass and usually play even worse in the cold. Temperatures are forecast in the single digits or lower for Sunday night. Look for Favre to light up the Lions big time Sunday night. ESPN's telecast will be a Favre lovefest and a funeral procession for Millen. He's painted himself into a corner that he can't get out of except by turning in his resignation.

Expect the worst on Sunday night along with a few more bad Sunday afternoons to come.

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