Fowler: Don't Wear Orange, Lions Fans!

Real Lions fans don't change their colors, they make their voice heard peacefully, writes Lions' insider Mike Fowler, who shares his opinion on the latest attempt in protest issued by Lions fans.

ALLEN PARK - One of the most ludicrous ideas I've heard in the last few weeks is the idea that the Lions fans who come to the home finale against the Cincinnati Bengals this week should wear orange to express their displeasure.

Under no circumstances should you even consider doing this.

First, no matter how disgusted you might be with the state of the franchise and the constant losing, you shouldn't let your voice be taken away. If you dress as a Bengals fan (orange) you'll simply be viewed as one of the few thousand expected to travel from Cincinnati to Detroit to watch the game this Sunday.

Bengals fans more than maybe any other group (save Cardinals fans) understand your pain. The Bengals suffered through season after losing season under GM Mike Brown. Brown made every mistake in the book and the city and the team suffered. They were derided as the Bungles for their inevitable and annual pratfalls.

But then came Marvin Lewis. He quickly took control and exercised his considerable football knowledge into every aspect of the franchise and now the Bengals are headed for the playoffs.

It could happen here, too.

Maybe the Ford family will hear your voice, they'll see your protest, they'll read your emails; but in any event, don't turn traitor. Don't sell your loyalty on eBay, don't wear other teams colors, don't root for other teams.

Stick with your team.

You have a right to boo, you have a right to have your voice heard. If you even want to be part of the Millen Man March, that's up to you, just don't do anything stupid. Don't do anything that's going to reflect badly on the city.

You have the reputation of being the most loyal fans in football. Week in and week out, there you are at Eastern Market tailgating before walking to the stadium on game day. It doesn't matter if it's cold, if it's rainy, snowy, windy, whatever - you're there, weathering the storm.

You're upset. I understand. You want change. I agree.

You want to win. So do I.

Don't do anything stupid.

And don't wear Orange.

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