Stewart and the Lions are half a million apart.

ALLEN PARK - The Lions front office and running back James Stewart want to get a deal done and soon on Stewart‘s contract for the 2002 season. Right know the two side are about a half of a million dollars apart of Stewart's base salary for the upcoming season. This re-negotiation of Stewart's contract has been going on since the end of last season. Both sides would like to get a contract worked out so it is behind them.

"I'd liked to had it done last February," said GM and team president Matt Millen.

The two sides are talking and still working together to get a deal done that will work with both parties. Stewart wants to be a Detroit Lion and he hopes a deal will get done soon, but with the things that have happened to other Detroit Lions veteran players this off-season he is not for sure what could happen to him.

"I want to be here, but with the way things have been this off-season you never know," said Stewart. "We need to get a deal done that works for both parties and one side doesn't feel like it has won and the other has lost."

The Lions organization doesn't feel like it is a huge deal and thinks that the re-negotiation will get done and soon.

"I'm not losing any sleep over it," said head coach Marty Mornhinweg.

The Lions also are working on redoing defensive end Robert Porcher's contract as well as defensive tackle Luther Elliss's contract. The Lions are working on a contract extension for Porcher. But with Elliss it would be the same deal as James Stewart's re-negotiation, so that the Lions would take a lower salary cap hit on Elliss base salary for 2002 and in the future.

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