Quietly, Lions Resume Talks With Martz

It appears that the Lions have quietly resumed negotiating with former Rams' coach Mike Martz to become their offensive coordinator.

ALLEN PARK - As we suggested to you in Thursday's article detailing the breaking off of negotiations between the Detroit Lions and former St. Louis Rams head coach Mike Martz, it appears that the Lions have quietly resumed negotiating with him to become their offensive coordinator.

For Detroit and for Martz, the options were slim. Detroit would name someone who was clearly less than ideal to the post, putting new head coach Rod Marinelli in a no-win situation. For Martz, he would spend a valuable year outside the game losing a chance to rehabilitate his image and stature as one of football's greatest offensive minds.

It is not that surprising that despite the announcement by Martz that negotiations had broken off that Detroit would make contact again. Sometimes, in the heat of tough negotiations, things can become heated. After a cooling off period, things can sometimes be resumed.

Detroit made contact with Martz on Friday evening after the headlines that talks had broken off appeared and quietly asked if Martz might reconsider.

Don't expect any word from either side until a deal is done or negotiations are completely off.

Don't look now, but Mike Martz could still be officially signed to a contract to be Detroit's offensive coordinator as early as next week.

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