Training camp closed to Lions fans

ALLEN PARK - The Detroit Lions will not allow fans to view training camp this year like the have in the past, but they are working on an arrangement for an occasional public workout. The Lions have looked at Wayne State's stadium, in the corner of the John Lodge-Edsel Ford freeways, as one site for a possible workout. But besides that the Lions 2002 training camp will be off limits to the public and only members of the media will be able to see the Lions work out in their new facility in Allen Park.

Over the years Lions fans have made an effort to go see their favorite football team in action, and now that has been taken away from them. Training camp had a very friendly feeling to it, where fan could come and go as the pleased and interact with the players and see how the team was doing for themselves with their own eyes.

Coming off a 2-14 season, opening a new stadium where ticket prices have gone up, and where many fans have lost some of their interest in the team, this is not what the Lions should be doing.

There is no reason for this new policy; the Lions aren't going to be better as a team if there are fans at training camp or not. Most players will tell you that fans give them energy and they like the fans there.

First the Lions closed mini-camp to the public, now training camp, what is next the pre-season games?

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