Mini-Camp: Quotes to Note

Several quotes taken directly from exclusive and non-exclusive interviews with both players and some Lions' assistant coaches, including running back Kevin Jones acknowledging trade rumors, defensive coordinator Donnie Henderson talks about tackle Shaun Rogers and more.

Defensive Coordinator Donnie Henderson:

On Middle Linebacker:
"Right now, Lavar (Woods) is our middle linebacker." (Boss Bailey and Teddy Lehman are both out of camp)

On DT Shaun Rogers, and his issue with a specific drill:
"Obviously, I'd like him to go faster. My thing is: Once he steps in between the lines, that's what matters. I have to get him to play a little harder. When it's new to you, you have to figure out what you're comfortable with. And at some point, we'll get comfortable and everyone will be on the same page. He'll buy in or he won't buy in. Like I told him, he holds the key."

"I'm going to push them, they'll let me know. As long as they don't eye ball me, I'll be OK.

"I've got to get people out of their comfort zone, and push them to the next level."

Cornerback Dry Bly:

On new defense:
"I think what we're going to do this year, we'll be much more simple, and play faster. What we're doing is not that complicated. (Last year) we would go in with about 30-40 plays. What we do (now), we're going to play with no more than 10 defenses, and we'll play them well."

On Donnie Henderson:
"I think we'll feed off of (Donnie Henderson's) energy. We'll feed off of the high tempo practices."

On Fitting the System:
"I try to make sure my defensive backs are doing what they're supposed to do. If you don't balance the system, they already said, you won't be here. If you are not going to jump on board, we're going to leave you behind."

Defensive End Kalimba Edwards:

How close he was to leaving Detroit for Cleveland:
"Before I left, I told everyone, 'I want to be a Detroit Lion. I want to be a Detroit lion.' I just don't think that I'll be back.' But when you get a defensive line coach like (Rod) Marinelli that has the history that he has, he likes players like me. Him and (Donnie) Henderson said this is what we want. Henderson had John Abraham, and said 'this is what we want.' And they came and got me, and I appreciate it."

Quarterback Jon Kitna:

On early impressions:
"Coach Marinelli has one speed to him, and that's full bore. He puts the gas pedal down and goes to it. I think that has surprised guys a bit, the tempo and pace that we practiced at.... (but) it's going to be a great thing for us."

On receivers and Martz's offense:
"This is what you love to do as a quarterback, you love to throw the football and be in a system like Martz's system. You can't ask for anything better. As a group and as an offense, it was an exciting day."

On receiver core:
"It's too early for me to draw comparisons. They're a very talented group and it's exciting to throw to guys that are that talented, but it takes time to work together. It's an exciting time.

Running Back Kevin Jones:

On trade rumor to Indianapolis:
"I heard that, but I don't know. I heard it from a reporter (in Arizona). It was second hand information, but nothing reliable."

On the difference in practice intensity:
"It was more laid back when I first got here, but I think this way it is better."

On how his teammates might respond to the new coaching staff:
"It doesn't matter if they like it or not, it's only going to be one way."

On pass catching:
"I've been working with (assistant coach) Will Montgomery. I caught a lot of balls yesterday and a lot today. I think I'm getting more comfortable with it."

Receivers coach Kippy Brown:

On familiarity with receivers:
"Every day we're getting used to each other. They're learning what we expect on offense, and they're getting a chance to see what kind of tempo we're trying to get here. It's a process."

On receiving trio:
"I evaluate Charles, Mike and Roy, and I thought they were really good players. They've got a lot of talent and potential, but all potential means is you haven't done it yet."

On what Mike Williams and Charles Rogers must do to succeed:
"To keep showing up and working hard. We have to establish a trust, and they've got to believe what I tell them and trust it's the right thing. And they're doing that."

On any problems with their work ethic:
"No, not right now. But it's early. Football is long, grueling process, so the cream will come to the top. But we do have some talent."

Offensive line coach Larry Beightol:

On what O-line will attempt to improve on:
"I think we have a quality (running) back and what we need to do is get our offensive line cranked up so they're coming off the football on a consistent basis and at a high level, and that's what we're trying to get done."

On offensive line's strengths:
"Coach Martz has a terrific offensive plan, and we're looking at a lot of different things, whatever I think we can do our best I think that's what he'll want to hang his hat on."


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