The Visitors: Part Five

Between now and the draft, Roar Report will provide overviews of players from our exclusive list of those draft prospects who have worked out for the Lions or visited the Allen Park facility. Part five of (now) 17 inside, including bio, video and more on Ohio State linebacker A.J. Hawk.

Roar Report has compiled an exclusive list of (currently 17) players that the Detroit Lions have either privately worked out and visited with or will have visit their facility in Allen Park.

Between now and the draft, we will provide overviews of all players that have gotten an additional investment of time from the Lions scouting staff. At least two draft target reports will be published every day for Roar Report subscribers.

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NAME A.J. Hawk
POSITION Outside Linebacker
COLLEGE Ohio State University
HEIGHT 6' 1"
#1 @ OLB
#5 Overall
VIDEO A.J. Hawk Highlights
AUDIO Combine Audio Interview
INTERACTION Visited Allen Park on April 4
Titans Prospect Profile ...

Full Name: A.J. Hawk School: Ohio State Pos: OLB

Ht: 6-1 Wt: 248 40: 4.57 Year: 4Sr

Bio: Three-year starter awarded All-Conference honors every season since his sophomore campaign. Led Ohio State in tackles the past three years posting 121/16.5/9.5 as a senior. Awarded All-American honors last year. Junior numbers included 141/8/1.

Pos: Intense, aggressive linebacker who strives to be the best. Plays with outstanding explosion, and displays tremendous sideline-to-sideline range. Fast in pursuit, flashes on the scene and flies around the ball. Immediately alters his angle of attack or redirects to the action and effectively uses hand technique to protect himself. Gets depth on drops, displaying a good backpedal in coverage.

Neg: Does not always play under great control. Must improve his tackling technique as he tends to go high on ball carriers.

Analysis: A productive defender on the field, Hawk is the consummate three-down player who will quickly find a starting job in the NFL at a number of linebacker spots.

Lions Interest: The last time Detroit selected an Ohio State linebacker was in 1988, and in return they received one of the league's most dominant linebackers, and a perennial Pro Bowler in the form of Chris Spielman. Although it's unknown whether or not Hawk's talent can achieve a Spielman-esque level, it is believed that he can make the transition from outside linebacker and into the inside, and perhaps, resurrect the franchise's traditional middle linebacker strength that has been moderate at best since Spielman departed. Unfortunately, Hawk is expected to land in Green Bay at No. 5 overall, with a slide all the way to No. 9 very unlikely. If the Lions are serious about upgrading the defense (journeyman LaVar Woods is the team's only healthy middle), an attempt to trade up and nab Hawk would do just that, meanwhile spurning a division rival's attempt.

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