Lions sign Eric Davis to one-year deal

After taking a quick look at Terrell Buckley, Detroit decides to sign Denver cornerback Eric Davis, who at 34 still has something left. Davis, who spent last season with the Denver Broncos, will help shore up the cornerback position although the Lions likely aren't done upgrading.

(ALLEN PARK, MI)--The Detroit Lions quickly got into the market and quickly got out of it. In the process they signed veteran free agent cornerback Eric Davis to a one-year $750,000 contract.

Davis, who spent last season with the Denver Broncos will immediately get into the competition for the starting cornerback spot.

Lions president Matt Millen previously had stated that the Lions would "go with the kids" rather than sign an experienced corner to help man a position decimated by the departure of veteran Bryant Westbrook, the retirement of former second round pick Kevin Abrams and numerous injuries, including a slow healing broken foot by starter and first round pick Terry Fair.

But Millen and Mornhinweg got a dose of reality when they saw what they had at the organized team activity .


With Fair sidelined, Detroit had 12-year veteran Todd Lyght and nothing else. Draft picks Andre Goodman and Chris Cash could hardly get on the field and Goodman couldn't even put on pads.

With training camp approaching, Detroit was in no position to play hard to get. Now with Davis, they at least can field two players at the position, but Detroit likely is not done.

They'll watch the waiver wire very carefully for any decent players released from other teams, because they realize that Goodman, although talented, may not be ready for the start of the season.

Meanwhile, Detroit couldn't wait around for Super Bowl champion Buckkley to sort through offers from Tampa Bay and Miami. It is well known that Buckley preferred to return home to play for either team in Florida, Miami or Tampa Bay.

Both are interested in Buckley, Tampa as a possible starter, Miami as a nickle or dime back. .

With all that competition, Detroit needed a sure thing, and they got it in Davis. "I think I can still run well enough and I understand the game more now than I ever did. There's still a lot that I can contribute," Davis told the media .

Detroit certainly hopes Davis has at least one season left in the tank. Detroit will likely use several draft picks and the free agency route to address what has quickly become their weakest position on the team.

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