Five Questions With New Lion Ernie Sims

Exclusive interview with the new Lion, Florida State standout linebacker Ernie Sims! What position will Sims play in Detroit, and what are his thoughts on head coach Marinelli? Find out inside!

Nate Caminata (Publisher) - Ernie, congratulations on being selected, did you see yourself going as high as No. 9 overall?

Ernie Sims: "I had an idea that I was going go that high. But my agent informed me that I was going to go in the top 10. I was on the phone with (Lions head coach) Marinelli as Detroit made the pick."

NC: You had a visit with Detroit after the combine, how did that visit go?

ES: "I talked to coach Marinelli and (linebackers coach) Phil Snow. It went good, and I felt like they had a good feeling about me."

NC: How do you feel that you'll fit in defensively with Detroit's Cover-2 scheme?

ES: "I think that's going to work out well. I think I can fit in well with that defensive scheme. I bring a lot of intensity, and I like to have fun out on the field and bring that intensity every play."

NC: Rod Marinelli is obviously a defensive minded head coach, so what is your impression of him and his style?

ES: "Marinelli seems like a good coach. He knows the defense, and knows how to build up a great team. He will bring a new tradition to Detroit and I can't wait to get started."

NC: The Lions have had a losing organization for the better part of a decade, do you expect to be a big

ES: "I'm going to be a big factor, and they look for me to come in and start." (Sims added that he'll be placed on the outside, opposite Teddy Lehman. Boss Bailey will patrol the middle in Detroit)

NOTE: When asked about a contract, Sims said the two sides will talk a contract starting tomorrow (Sunday), when he flys into Detroit.

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