Lion Bytes: Millen, Marinelli Discuss Sims

After selecting Ernie Sims at No. 9 overall, Matt Millen and HC Rod Marinelli addressed the media. Run Time: 11 minutes.

After selecting Ernie Sims at No. 9 overall, Lions' vice president Matt Millen and head coach Rod Marinelli addressed the media, answering several questions (at length) regarding the selection of Sims. A complete 11 minutes of commentary from both Millen and Marinelli.

The two discuss how he fits into Detroit's system and questions concerning Sims' concussion-clouded past (which Millen called a "non-issue"), his size, comparisons to Tampa Bay linebacker Derrick Brooks and more.

Matt Millen Outtake: "He's got great speed, he's a great hitter and he's got great range."
Marinelli Outtake: "He tackles with authority, which I like."

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