Lions Draft Likely To Lead To Roster Shakeups

The status quo on the Detroit Lions team roster is about to change and possibly drastically.

ALLEN PARK - The status quo on the Detroit Lions team roster is about to change and possibly drastically. While the Lions didn't get most of the players they targeted, the results of it show that the team is serious about changing the composition of its roster.

While there was a lot of head scratching over the third-round selection of Wisconsin running back Brian Calhoun, the move was made with considerable input from offensive coordinator Mike Martz, who has become sort of a recluse to the media since the team started workouts.

The selection of Calhoun is a triple-whammy of sorts to the makeup of Detroit's roster and could affect three players specifically.

1. Eddie Drummond - Calhoun, 5-foot-9, 190, will get a shot at working out of the slot in four receiver sets, of becoming the team's third down specialist and will get a shot at becoming the team's primary return man.

Drummond, who the team wanted to use in the slot, hasn't shown what the team expected at this point in the experiment and will now likely have to make the team strictly as a returner. If Calhoun can match Drummond's production in that aspect, Drummond could be on the skids.

2. Artose Pinner - Pinner is another player affected by the pick. He only recently signed his restricted free agent tender and hasn't been seen much in the team's off-season conditioning program. Pinner, who was a favorite of former head coach Steve Mariucci, doesn't fit into the scheme of Martz and may not have a future in Motown.

According to sources, Detroit attempted to deal Pinner in an effort to get back into the 3rd and 4th rounds, but found no takers for the plodding former Kentucky running back.

3. Cory Schlesinger - Schlesinger is yet another player affected by the new scheme and the selection of Calhoun. Martz doesn't use a prototypical fullback in The Show offense and there isn't much market for an aging, slow-footed pounder who's well past 30 on the open market. Detroit will likely try to find a role for the classy Schlesinger who has done everything the team has ever asked, but now finds himself on the outside looking in.

The second round selection of Daniel Bullocks, a hard-hitting safety from Nebraska likely spells the end of the Terrence Holt experiment. It was clear early on that Detroit wasn't convinced that Holt was the guy and even after Michael Huff went off the board with the 7th pick to Oakland, Detroit was trolling for someone to put in the free safety position.

The Lions tried to trade quarterback Joey Harrington to the Cleveland Browns and Kansas City Chiefs during the draft, but the sticking point remains money. It is clear Detroit is fed up with Harrington's reluctance to renegotiate a deal with anyone but the Miami Dolphins and sources say the team approach NFL officials to see if what tactics could be used in an attempt to deal the disgruntled former 3rd overall pick.

Detroit and Cleveland discussed the Lions picking up part of Harrington's contract in exchange for a fourth round pick in 2007, it is unknown if that is allowable under the new CBA or how much Detroit would have been willing to pick up. Miami, for its part, has refused to budge off its offer of a 6th round pick in 2007 for Harrington.

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