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Lions' head coach speaks on status of veteran Dan Wilkinson and his expectations of players, the continuity within the coaching staff and more.

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Complete transcript of Lions' insider Mike Fowler's interview with head coach Rod Mainelli.

What is the status of defensive tackle Dan Wilkinson?

Matt's been the lead on all of this for me, and he'll do a better job answering than I would.

With team standards in place, is it important to have players report?

You'd love to have every guy here all off-season, that's the goal, that's what you'd like. Guys working in all of the voluntary mini-camps and OTA's -- that's the perfect world.

How is coaching staff meshing?

I think the best thing about it is when we hit the field, it is awesome. These guys love football, there's always different personalities and when they get on this grass they are exceptional teachers. Really good teachers. And that was my goal. They're strong and they are demanding. When that's in place, everything works. If that's not in place, nothing works.

In my opinion, you can be 'buddy, buddy buddy' but if there's nothing good on the field, it don't count.

Do you give them more lee-way to coordinate in response to how they teach?

The biggest thing I hit on is that I want the fundamentals. I want them to grind on that -- how we do things everyday, how we teach things. But each guy is his own personality on how he teaches. I don't want to regiment somebody on how you teach. It's 'what are you putting in?' and then what are you demanding, and are we getting what we're demanding, and that comes off of the daily tape.

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