Will Harrington arrive today as expected?

Lions first round pick Joey Harrington doesn't want to be a holdout. Lions CEO Matt Millen and coach Marty Mornhinweg don't want that either. Now it's up to David Dunn, Ton Lewand and Kevin Warren to make sure a holdout doesn't happen.

(ALLEN PARK, MI)--Detroit Lions first round pick Joey Harrington is expected in today to begin classroom only work with the team. However, there's no guarantee Harrington will report.

The Lions #1 draft pick cannot by NFL rules participate in any drills with the team until he has a contract.

Harrington has repeatedly stated that he doesn't intend to be a holdout, but those statements may work against him. Harrington's agent David Dunn has not returned calls from the media requesting a progress report on the status of talks.

With Harrington issuing a virtual guarantee that he will be in on time, it may make the work of Dunn to get the rookie a fair contract that much tougher.

Harrington's deal will not be an easy one to work out. Houston's David Carr reportedly received a six-year $47 million contract with an $11 million signing bonus.

While Harrington won't command that, as the next quarterback taken, it will be a huge contract with, most likely a signing bonus approaching $9 million.

With that kind of money on the line, and the complex negotiations that they entail, a delay in getting the deal done is a distinct possibility, Harrington's words not withstanding.

Meanwhile, Detroit is reportedly close to an agreement with sixth round pick Chris Cash of USC. Now that third round pick Andre Goodman has agreed to terms with the team, Detroit can basically "slot" Cash into a contract.

With Goodman getting a three-year $1.44 million deal with a $538,000 signing bonus, look for Cash to get a three-year deal at just under $1 million.

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