Shaun Rogers To Miss At Least Two Weeks

The Detroit Lions announced last evening that defensive tackle Shaun Rogers, the mainstay of their defensive front would miss at least two weeks of training camp to have surgery on his right ankle. Rogers will have bone chips removed from his right ankle.

(ALLEN PARK, MI)--In a precautionary move, the Detroit Lions announced last night that second-year defensive stalwart Shaun Rogers would have surgery on his right ankle to remove bone chips that were discovered in the Lions organized team activity.

Rogers initially wanted to play through the pain indefinitely but at the behest of Lions president and CEO Matt Millen, Rogers will have the surgery, possibly as early as this weekend.

"Shaun's ankle was bothering him during workouts so we had it looked at," Millen told Detroit "The ankle is in great shape but they found some chips in there. It was swelling up so we will get that taken care of now."

Rogers has had a history of ankle problems. After be unable to perform at the NFL combine, because of suffering an the injury in his senior season at the University of Texas, Rogers dropped to the second round of the draft before being selected by the Detroit Lions.

Millen noted that the Lions will make full use of their underwater treadmill facility to avoid allowing Rogers to gain wait during his recuperation period.

"We will work him hard," Millen told Detroit . "He will want to get on the field. We can put him in the pool with the underwater treadmill and that keeps the weight off the injury."

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