Chat Transcript (1): NFL Expert Adam Caplan

Sirius Radio National Football League expert Adam Caplan answered many Lions and NFL questions during Wednesday's chat event. Part one: his thoughts on the Lions in 2006, rookie linebacker Ernie Sims, whether or not can Josh McCown (left) can unseat Jon Kitna and much more.

On Wednesday night, Sirius Radio NFL reporter Adam Caplan joined the Roar Report chat room and answered questions for 45 minutes. Adam addressed many things Lions-related, but avoided the biggest question: whether or not actor Matt LeBlanc would enjoy post-'Friends' success.

Below is part one of the complete transcript from the chat event, which has been truncated (a bit) to include 95 percent expert opinion and five percent fun rhetoric.

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<acaplan> Hi everyone.
<NateCaminata> Hello Adam. Welcome to the chat! It's small but cozy. Thanks for joining us.
<acaplan> So you guys think the Lions will be better this year? I'm looking at 8-8
<iTopher> The Lions WILL be better.
<Guest6> Alot better
<GoKenoyGo> how could they get worse?
<ksmith0711> They will be better. 9-7 is what i think
<acaplan> KS: I wouldn't count that out if all key players are in there
<iTopher> 10-6 I say.
<Guest6> Quarterback, who starts the season?
<acaplan> GUEST 6: Kitna ...McCown by mid-season
. Kitna manages the game well but doesn't have a strong arm
<REM2> Adam, do you think Martz can do better with McCown than Denny Green did?
<acaplan> REM: Yes because he's a good teacher of QBs
. Green's system is QB friendly but the coaching there wasn't great and their OL was terrible.  Cardinals didn't have an OL coach there
<REM2> Why did Green give up on him? Do you know? He's no slouch with QBs either.
<acaplan> REM: They thought he gambled too much
<ksmith0711> Yeah. I think the coaching staff is the main difference. Seems like night and day since I have started watching them almost 40 years ago
<acaplan> KS: Marinelli is exactly what they needed. listen so his former DLs from TB talk about him
<ksmith0711> I agree
<ksmith0711> Hard nosed. Discipline. Blue Collar football. Perfect for Detroit
<LionsFan1> adam did the lions overpay for jeff backus?
<acaplan> LionsFan1: Teams need to overpay to keep good LTs
<GoKenoyGo> Adam : when should we expect our rookies to sign and will there be a holdout from Sims?
<acaplan> GO: Bullocks should be in by the weekend along with most of the second day picks
<iTopher> Adam: Think Favre makes it through this season with his streak intact? I'm hoping for a Week 3 K.O. :)
<LionsFan1> is Backus a good left tackle though? he hasnt been to a pro bowl
<acaplan> LionsFan1: (Backus) is Solid
<tattooedhonolulublue2> Could the Bears end up like the Eagles of last year (from good to terrible in one year)?
<acaplan> TAT: only if they have a lot of injuries
<Guest7> how long will it take for the Martz offense to work effectively
<acaplan> 7: Players have to get in good shape first in camp. 4-5 games in you'll start to see progress. Anxious to see KJ and the WRs progress
<GoKenoyGo> Any news on Ty Law? Did I miss something with him?
<acaplan> Go: KC still in the lead but there could be other teams joining the mix soon
<tattooedhonolulublue2> Will Corey Bradford be in front of C. Rogers or M. Williams on the depth chart?
<acaplan> TAT: For now, Bradfod will be ahead of MWilliams. Underacheiver in HOU in recent years but is in a much better scheme in DET now.
<NateCaminata> Adam: Will Joey Harrington supplant Daunte Culpepper in Miami? ;-)
<acaplan> Nate: On stilts
<Guest72> as of right now scottie vines and corey bradford are in front of williams and rogers
<acaplan> 72: Depth charts mean nothing until the pads go on
<Guest7> what does the NFL think of Marinelli?
<acaplan> 7: Very well respected
<REM2> Adam, how is Dick Juaron going to do in Buffalo?
<acaplan> Rem: HE needs a lot more talent
<ksmith0711> What effect do you think Ben R's accident has in Pittsbugh
<acaplan> KS: depends if he can be ready for the start of the real games
<iTopher> Larry Beichtol. Is he the real deal? Will he get the offense going forward?
<acaplan> IT: Very OL coach, very solid
<REM2> What does anyone see in (Bills quarterback) JP Losman? I don't get it.
<acaplan> REM: New staff isn't high on him\
<GoKenoyGo> Adam: I think all of our draft picks besides Cannon could make the team this year. your thoughts?
<acaplan> go: They need depth at a lot more positions so those rookies can really help
<Guest105> im worried about the LB position
<acaplan> 105: You should be when you look at the injuries to Bailey and Lehman
<REM2> Adam, have you heard anything about the clubhouse atmosphere/chemistry in Chicago or Minnesota?
<ksmith0711> Adam, how do you see the NFL North?
<acaplan> REM: Solid in CHI, not sure yet on MIN. CHI, MIN, DET, GB
<iTopher> Ouch. 3rd again? :(
acaplan> IT: Beating out MIN isn't out of the question
<coyote-12> I was wondering about the rookie OLman Lions have you think any can make roster?
<acaplan> COY: Scott will make the team for sure but he's not ready to play yet
<tattooedhonolulublue2> Will the off field problems with the Bengals affect their record this year, or do they not matter to
the team
<acaplan> TAT: Those issues could hurt them.  I can't get over what Marvin Lewis is doing there now
<REM2> Kind of seems like Minnesota's flying under the radar. Do you think they're a better team than last year?
<acaplan> REM: 9-7 area for MIN. GB should be terrible again. OL is bad. I want to see how both teams are in camp first.
<Guest105> What is with all the Charles Rogers getting cut talk
<acaplan> 105: Not going to happen now
<coyote-12> Adam what about the two rookie OG's
<acaplan> Matua-practice squad
<ksmith0711> Do you think that Verba was a good signing? He seems to help solidy our OL
<acaplan> KS: IF his head is on straight, he needs to concentrate on football. he made a major mistake in CLE.
<Nikko1977> Will Dan Campbell help out or is he past the hump?
<acaplan> NIK: Solid blocking TE and is a good leader. good guy.
<coyote-12> I liked the Campbell signing
<REM2> Adam, is Green Bay going to be as bad as everyone thinks? Do they have any hope at all?
<acaplan> REM: 5-11
<USAFLion> what do you think of shaun cody and him working in marinelli's defense
<acaplan> USA: A little light but athletic
<GoKenoyGo> Is KJ going to be able to stay healthy this year with a new scheme?
<acaplan> GO: He lost weight so that's good
<Guest105> Im not looking at wins as much as im looking at effort this year. Will it be better?
<acaplan> 105: Yes, Marinelli will accept no less than top effort
<Nikko1977> Haven't heard a lot about C. Rogers and his progress in training camp. You think he'll stick?
<acaplan> NIK: Most of his offseason was good, MWilliams on the other hand....
<coyote-12> C Rogers has done well in early camps
<Nikko1977> Drummond is talking about getting some time at slot wr. Do you see that as a possibility?
<acaplan> NIK: Not really
<ksmith0711> Adam, do you think that Soctty Vines will stick? Where do you think he will fall in the depth chart?
<acaplan> KS: Yes, good hard worker
<iTopher> Do you think we made a mistake by passing on Matt "Hollywood" Leinert?
<acaplan> IT: Sims is a risk because of the concussions so I would have gone with Leinart. If Sims can stay healthy, he'll be very good. solid fit at WLB in their scheme.
<coyote-12> Bullock from what i have read can cover close to 2 thirds of the field from FS letting KK at SS be closer to
<coyote-12> what u think of Bullock
acaplan> COY: Good player like his brother
<Nikko1977> I didn't realize Bullocks was that fast.... 4.38 40 time
<REM2> Adam, does Dan Orlovsky have a chance to be the next Martz discovery at QB?
<acaplan> REM: Doubt it. Lets see how he does when the pads go on
<coyote-12> Sims is no more a risk then Troy Polamalu from Steelers
<acaplan> COY: 6 reported concussions I was told by a team that took him off of their draft board, one he was knocked out
<Nikko1977> Adam, do you think Cody will step in and do an adequate job replacing Wilkinson?
<acaplan> NIK: They need a run stuffer, that's going to be the issue
<GoKenoyGo> adam: salsbury, hoge, all these guys from ESPN. are they as big of idiots as i think they are?
<iTopher> LOL. Great Q!
<acaplan> GO: No comment - (signed) Drew Rosenhaus
<Guest242> who do u think is going to get cut?
<acaplan> 242: Ask me in late August
<ksmith0711> Adam, will you come back in late August for us to ask?
<acaplan> KS: I plan to
<REM2> Adam, what do people say about Brad Childress? Does he have what it takes to be a HC?
<acaplan> REM: He was the hot name, well organized
<Nikko1977> It almost seems unreal with the 2 coordinators we just got & Marinelli, total overhaul. Could be a disaster I
<acaplan> NIK: DET will have the best coaching they've had in years
<Guest124> Sorry if this question was already addressed but who do you believe will be the #2 WR on the Lions?
<acaplan> 124: Rogers
<iTopher> Will Beichtol make a man out of Dominick Gayola?
<acaplan> IT: Not sure who "Gayola" is but Raiola will be better with Beichtol
<iTopher> I got bad hearing.
<tattooedhonolulublue2> Do you think Edgerrin James will get the Cardinals to the next level?
<acaplan> TAT: They had the worst redzone offense as far as running the ball so James will help
<REM2> Adam, what's the consensus around the league on Mariucci? Was he just a fraud? Does Millen get all the blame?
<acaplan> REM: Mooch=soft
<ksmith0711> Adam - Thanks for that vote of confidence on the coaches
<Nikko1977> I hope so. I hope the players don't run them out of town for being too tough.
<Nikko1977> Thanks for joining us Adam and giving us your insight, we're all pretty excited about the upcoming season.
<acaplan> NIK: I was sort of high on the Lions last year, I think they get it done at 8-8

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