Chat Transcript (2): NFL Expert Adam Caplan

Sirius Radio National Football League expert Adam Caplan answered many Lions and NFL questions during Wednesday's chat event. Part two: has GM Matt Millen completed his learning curve? Plus, thoughts on the Lions coaching staff, rookie running back Brian Calhoun and more.

On Wednesday night, Sirius Radio NFL reporter Adam Caplan joined the Roar Report chat room and answered questions for 45 minutes. Adam addressed many things Lions-related, but avoided the biggest question: whether or not actor Matt LeBlanc would enjoy post-'Friends' success.

Below is part two of the complete transcript from the chat event, which has been truncated (a bit) to include 95 percent expert opinion and five percent fun rhetoric.

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<LionsFan1> Adam, how big of a role will Calhoun have under Martz?
<acaplan> LION: Camp will decide that, he does run better than his listed time. Lions have a lot of backs on the roster and Arlen Harris could be in the mix. Another Martz guy.
<iTopher> Terrell Owens. Greatest WR ever?
<coyote-12> No
<ksmith0711> iTopher - NO WAY!!!!
<Guest124> Sorry but had to bring it up. Will T.O. have a negative or a positive effect on the Cowboys this year?
<Nikko1977> No way itopher! I'd rather have Harrison any day.
<acaplan> NIK: Agreed
<coyote-12> Adam if we get near 8-8 we will be 10-6
<KJMVP> Adam, Cover 2 to stop West Coast? These seem to be the Offenses of the NFC North.
<acaplan> KJ: A lot of teams play cover 2
<USAFLion> Does Kitna have confidence to do Martz's put the ball out there before the wr is at the spot
<acaplan> USA: It's a timing based offense. McCown did have some experience in ARI with it.
<REM2> Adam, do you see major management changes ahead in GB? Does anyone have any faith at all in Mike McCarthy?
<acaplan> REM: Scary, he didn't earn the job. Not very high on Ted Thompson.
<Guest124> Do you see Cory Schlesinger being kept around this year? If nothing more than the fact of having a vet/ hardworker/
or a leader?
<acaplan> 124: This could be his last season with them. Martz phased out the FB in STL last few years.
<GoKenoyGo> Adam: Who are our starting LB's as we speak?
<acaplan> GO: They're not sure because of the injuries to Lehman and Bailey. They'll sort that out at camp
<Guest124> So then you don't believe that Cory Schlesh will be kept around. I asked this because it seems as if he would be
a Rod type player.
<acaplan> 124: It's about the scheme, not sure if they will use him a lot
<REM2> Adam, can Chester Taylor seriously carry the load in Minny? I have trouble seeing it...
<acaplan> REM: Could be RBBC (running-back-by-committee) there
<coyote-12> Boss has been running for few months and teddy also has been running. The Lions told them stay away from mini-camps to workout on there own.
<acaplan> COY: The fact that he didn't do anything in their camps is an issue. Bailey has a bad history of injuries, nothing is certain with him.
<NateCaminata> Folks, Adam will be with us for another 10 minutes
<NateCaminata> (Does that sound morbid?)
<ksmith0711> Adam - Will Sirius Radio be doing any in-depth looks at the Lions? If so when?
<acaplan> KS: Next month I think
<KJMVP> Can Chicago D carry them again, Chi has a tough time putting 2 good years together?
<acaplan> KJ: Their running game and D will carry them
<GoKenoyGo> Adam: How will Calhoun be utilized this season?
<acaplan> GO: Change of pace
<tattooedhonolulublue2> Who will be the starting RB for Denver? Doesn't look like they have a strong candidate (Ron
<acaplan> TAT: RBBC there, Dayne starts but Bell will share the ball with him

<REM2> Adam, what do you think of Cleveland? Could be a team on the way up? Or still unsettled at QB?
<acaplan> REM: Like DET, 8-8 area
<GoKenoyGo> Is Drummond still our main return man?
<acaplan> GO: Should be
<iTopher> Adam. Will Matt LeBlanc have any post-'Friends' success?
<coyote-12> well Boss in past has been the Sam and Teddy has been the MLB so if they have to go back until they pick up new system I don't see major problem
<acaplan> COY: They wanted to use Bailey at MLB in their OTAs had he been ready
<iTopher> Oops, wrong chat.
<USAFLion> lol
<Guest196> LOL
<JasonBlanchard> I heard rumors that they are using Drummond as a WR too
<acaplan> JAS: They may try him a little in camp. They need a slot WR badly with speed. That's why Hakim isn't out of the picture.
<JasonBlanchard> Better not bring back butterfingers
<coyote-12> Furey
<acaplan> COY: Furrey is Martz guy but he can't run, that's why he was moved to safety in STL.
<ksmith0711> I hope Hakim stays away. he could not catch anything
<iTopher> I remember Hakim. Did good until the hip-injury that year.
<JasonBlanchard> Hakim is awesome and amazing speed... But he need to catch the ball first
<tattooedhonolulublue2> How soon will Vince young in Tennessee and will he have any rookie success?
<acaplan> TAT: Young should be in there by weeks 8-10. When TEN is out of it
<Guest155> when will leinart take over in zona adam
<acaplan> 155: week 12 or so
<ksmith0711> Adam, do you think our OL will be improved?
<acaplan> KS: Yes, Verba will help and the new coach
<JasonBlanchard> I think R Williams is gonna have a huge year like 80 REC 1200 yrds... Anyone with me on that?
<GoKenoyGo> Adam: Is Millen really inept or was it just being overwhelmed first 5 years?
<acaplan> GO: Needed someone over him to overrule. that's the problem with a first time GM.
<iTopher> i think Matt finally "got it" this year.
<Guest124> Sorry but on the question of Vince Young. How much will it hurt Young, Bush, Leinart if they can not get a
contract done by camp? Phillip Rivers did this and did not get the job for 2 years because of his holdout. Could this be the case in
either Young's or Leinart's position?
<acaplan> 124: If he only misses a few days, it's ok. But any QB who misses a few weeks is in big trouble for the learning process.
<JasonBlanchard> Adam, is Ernie close to signing or do we need to fear a holdout?
<acaplan> JAS: I think Sims has a chance to be in there on time
<GoKenoyGo> Adam: following up on the millen question, Does he seem to have it on track now?
<acaplan> GO: The coaching staff will sure help, I like Sims a lot for that scheme, but the concussions are a concern

<iTopher> Adam. Any chance on having you as an insider at the Roar Report forums? :)
<NateCaminata> iTopher. .. great question.
<NateCaminata> lol
<acaplan> IT: Possibly, we'll see
<Guest124> Who would be in more trouble because of that? Young because Tenn needs him to step in and he has no mentor. Or Leinart as he has a capable Warner ahead of him. But ARZ will depend on him because Warner can't stay healthy. So who of the 2 would be a bigger problem for there given team?
<acaplan> 124: Any first round QB needs to be in camp on time. Young needs more work though.
<tattooedhonolulublue2> Will J. Fletcher have any impact on the secondary?
<acaplan> TAT: Decent nickel
<JasonBlanchard> Adam, how is Dan O lookin?
<acaplan> JAS: Good offseason but I want to see how he does when the real practices start
<GoKenoyGo> Is Bryant FINALLY going to be healthy?
<acaplan> GO: He put on weight, we'll see if it helps
<KJMVP> Who wins the SB?
<acaplan> KJ: CAR-IND
<iTopher> Is Rod the next John Fox?
<acaplan> IT: If they had more talent I'd say possibly. Millen finally did something right. IF not, I'll join the march next year.
<JasonBlanchard> My prediction is DET-CIN <------------ homer
<GoKenoyGo> any chance McCann makes the squad?
<acaplan> GO: Dee McCann is a developmental player
<coyote-12> Adam your overall assessment of the Lions
<acaplan> COY: Good offseason, really good coaching staff, will be better. how much better is the question. The Lions have the Best OC and DC team in the league.

<iTopher> YAY! Good news.
<GoKenoyGo> wow. lions best in something. holy hell.
<Guest124> Hey Adam thanks for stopping by. Great interview and hopefully you can do this....I don't know, every Wednesday during the regular season?  :) Thanks again.
<acaplan> Guys: I have to run, good chat, see you next time
<ksmith0711> Thats great! Thanks for chatting with us Adam!
<JasonBlanchard> Thanks Adam!
<GoKenoyGo> thanks a lot adam!
<KJMVP> thanks
<NateCaminata> Adam, thank you very much
<coyote-12> Thanks for your insight Adam
acaplan Quit (Web Browser closed)
<tattooedhonolulublue2> Thanx Adam
<REM2> Thanks Adam
<Guest124> Ya Nate you gotta get him in here more often.

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