Lions' Bodiford jumps to first team

While the plight of Detroit Lions receivers' Charles Rogers and Mike Williams continues to dominate both national and local headlines, there might be a story of epic proportions blooming in Allen Park. More inside as Detroit preps for Denver.

While the plight of Detroit Lions receivers Charles Rogers and Mike Williams dominate both national and local headlines, there might be a story of epic proportions blooming in Allen Park.

Undrafted, little known Shaun Bodiford, a former Portland State University (yes, it exists) standout, has leaped from the bottom of the depth chart from the start of training camp and is now on the receiving end of Jon Kitna passes.

Yes. On Wednesday, Bodiford worked out with Detroit's first team. Getting more reps with the unit than both Rogers and Williams combined, he showed no signs of player that might have been out of place.

"It didn't seem that way," said head coach Rod Marinelli, who had the team practice in just helmets and shorts as they prep for Friday's contest against Denver. "It didn't seem that way last Saturday when we got in front of a crowd."

Marinelli was referring to the team's "Black and Blue" practice, a public display of the team's practice, in which Bodiford wowed those in attendance.

And he might even see some extended playing time against the Broncos.

"We'll see," said Marinelli. "We'll put him out there. He's earned the chance to get looked at. As a staff, we've really worked hard to be as fair with everything and every man. Guys who are doing well, we're letting them get good looks."

That statement might speak volumes regarding both Williams and Rogers. Marinelli remained non-specific about the duo that were drafted No. 2 and No. 10 overall in their respective drafts, saying only that the preseason opener held value for every player.

It is assumed by many in the local media that either Rogers or Williams will be released at some point during camp.

"I think it's (important) for our whole organization as we go to go out and play one snap at a time," he said. "That's everybody. It's important for them (Rogers and Williams), yes. It's important for every guy out here. Some guys have got to prove more than others. Some have to be able to keep their jobs and some have to make progress with what we're doing."

Added Marinelli, "They're going to get a chance. They'll get some good looks. We'll see how the game goes. You never know how these types of games work out.

"You've choreographed a certain amount of snaps and one side or the other isn't playing well or a long drive eats up a quarter - you can't get the run game stopped or something and the quarter is gone. You kind of play it by ear. Hopefully we'll get all these guys good looks."

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