Mornhinweg cuts practice short due to heat

These are the "dog-days" of August, the hottest days of the year in Michigan. The heat affected everyone at the Lions camp today. Despite the fact the Lions have their opener in steamy Miami against the Dolphins, they decided to play it safe. In the face of last year's Korey Stringer tragedy the Lions cut practice short today.

(ALLEN PARK, MI)-- Lions' head coach Marty Mornhinweg decided to cut practice short today due to temperatures on the field that hovered over the 100° mark.

Mornhinweg said "We cut practice short, but it was productive and we got better." All training camp long the Lions players have used the fact that their opener is on the road against the Miami Dolphins as a motivating factor.

But in today's humidity and heat, Mornhinweg thought better of it and cut practice short. Last week, he admitted that the Stringer incident is never far from his mind in the training camp environment.

"We will all remember Korey," Mornhinweg said. "I wasn't there, so it's hard to comment on what happened. He was part of the family, and still is. He'll always be remembered. This NFL family is tight-knit. When it happened, it was a big shock to everyone in this league."

Lions president and CEO Matt Millen said that Detroit is well-prepared for the hot, steamy conditions they'll be training in.

"It's no different than we've always done," Millen said. "We just monitor it, like everybody else."

Lions trainer Al Bellamy also added, "We have IV stations set up in the training room. During practice, fluids, ice and cold towels are available at all times. We have fluids available prior to practice and after practice," Bellamy added. "We instruct guys on amount of fluids to take and when to take them."

Still, even with those precautions, Mornhinweg said he still tends to scale things back.

"I do tend to cut practice back just a little at this point."

PAWS FOR THOUGHTS: Mike McMahon is running too much with the football. McMahon admitted that the play of veteran defensive backs Eric Davis and Todd Lyght was causing him trouble reading the coverage.

McMahon said that Lyght likes "to play off the ball to bait you into throwing an interception." He also mentioned that Davis was giving him looks he hadn't seen. The result was that on a 10 play seven-on-seven scrimmage... McMahon ran about half the time.

I asked McMahon if he planned to change his tactics because he couldn't last running that much once the season start, he stated that he would, but that he needed more time to learn from what he was seeing from Davis.

--Scotty Anderson made several nice catches, but he appears WAY to think to last in the NFL. Anderson has speed and good hands, but has yet to show any elusiveness. Still, he'll likely stick as the fourth receiver.

--Desmond Howard isn't going down without a fight. Long after practice was over, Howard, in full pads, put in work with a Lions ball boy on catching the ball in a variety of different positions. Howard likely realizes that the Lions can go a lot of different ways with a returner and that he'll have to contribute as a wide out. Howard has two things the Lions like, speed and playmaking ability, don't count him out just yet.

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