Cornerback notes; Fair progressing well

With veteran cornerbacks Eric Davis and Todd Lyght making life difficult for the quarterbacks, the Lions' two starting cornerback positions are seemingly wrapped up. However, two rookie CB's are waiting in the wings ... but who's looked the best? Plus, veteran Terry Fair is ahead of schedule.

Eric Davis and Todd Lyght will likely start at the corners for Detroit when the season opens in Miami, but Terry Fair could be available for nickle or dime duty.

Fair is making good progress despite not being able to practice.

Detroit is very happy with the progress of rookie cornerback Andre Goodman. Goodman has, so far, proven to be everything the Lions expected. He will get a lot of playing time in Detroit's exhibition game Friday against Baltimore.

Goodman has made no secret of his desire to be the starter.

Fellow rookie Chris Cash, however, hasn't been as impressive. Cash is on the bubble to make the roster despite Matt Millen's proclamation that the Lions would go 'with the kids.'


No one is surprised that rookie running back Luke Staley is out of practice for the third
consecutive day.  Staley was damaged goods when the Lions drafted him in the 7th round.  Staley has speed, good hands and running ability, but has never been able to stay healthy.  The Lions might just decide to just put Staley on the injured reserve list and allow him a full year to get healthy.  They believe he could be a steal if he can stay on the field.

Rookie tight end John Waerig may beat out one of the two rookies, John Owens and Matt Murphy, for the #3 tight end position.  Waerig has show the ability to block and catch the football.  The rub is Waerig isn't very fast, in fact he's the slowest of the five tight ends on the roster.  Still, the Lions need a good blocking tight end.  So far, Murphy has shown the most in his ability to block, but hasn't shown the greatest hands.  What shakes out here is anybody's guess, but Waerig has a shot.

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