Paws For Thought: Fair Game? Why?

Parting shots: The agent of former Lions' CB Terry Fair leaves some harsh words for Detroit, along with some interesting input on how the Lions handled his client's injury, what team's are interested in Fair, among other things. Also, Lions' starting safety Brian Walker enjoys the heat. Plus more notes!

Reggie Smith, the agent for former Lions cornerback Terry Fair, revealed that the Lions pressured his client to play quicker than they had earlier agreed to. Smith also said Detroit shopped Fair around the league "asking for a first or second round pick," and when they didn't get it, they released him. Our question: any thought of taking a 3rd or 4th or even a bag of balls for a player who doesn't fit into your plans?

Smith said that Fair would be visiting Miami today and is on a plane to visit Carolina tomorrow -- and if no deal is struck -- he would visit teams in the following order: Green Bay Baltimore and Jacksonville.

The Lions turned up the heat on Tuesday, literally.  Detroit's coaching staff elected to turn on the heaters in the Lions indoor facility to an astonishing 95 in order to better prepare their players for the stifling conditions they expect to face in South Florida.

"Studies show that it takes four-to-seven days to get acclimated (to that type of weather)," said Lions head coach Marty Mornhinweg. "Here, it's not quite the same, so we're going to Miami a day early to get a practice in and that's a true acclimation. The hydration part is a factor as well as rest. We got two days of rest coming into yesterday and then we'll have a day of rest on Thursday. We'll be ready to go."

Lions starting safety Brian Walker, who was a three-year starter for Miami prior to joining the Lions said that "It is a factor.  A lot of guys who haven't been down their and don't know better will warm up real hard, then they begin feeling flush."

Detroit got back wide receiver Bill Schroeder and defensive tackle Shaun Rogers in practice today.  Stockar McDougle is still day to day so Kerlin Blaise is the most likely to start in Miami on Sunday.

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