Lions take mammoth tackle prospect to dinner

Spearheaded by vice president Matt Millen and a small collection of scouts and coaches, the Detroit Lions had lunch -- and dinner -- with a mammoth tackle prospect. Is it a smokescreen, or are they genuinely interested? Find out now.

The Detroit Lions haven't wavered from their interest in Wisconsin offensive tackle Joe Thomas.

Spearheaded by vice president Matt Millen and a small collection of Lions' scouts and coaches, the team met with the 6'6, 311-pound Wisconsin product for an early lunch, and again later for a dinner.

The Lions will consider Thomas with their No. 2 overall pick, a move most "mock drafts" -- both professional and amateur -- have agreed upon. Detroit expressed an interest in Thomas at the Senior Bowl earlier in the year, bringing him to dinner.

Thomas also met exclusively on Thursday with the Oakland Raiders and Arizona Cardinals, signifying two likelihoods: he (hopefully) has a very large appetitite, and the Lions might have a potential trade partner in the desert.

Desperate for offensive line help (even more needy than the Lions), the Cards select fifth overall on April 28. If they have Thomas pegged, they might not want to risk losing him to Detroit. And, unlike Oakland, the Lions aren't necessary sending up smokescreens. They also have a need at tackle, but their problem areas are more diverse.

Detroit has a genuine interest in Thomas, and Arizona is aware of it.

If they trade down to the five spot, many talents may still be available, including Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson, and defensive ends Jamaal Anderson (Arkansas) and Gaines Adams (Clemson).

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