Lions vs Dolphins: Game Honors

Lions' insider Mike Fowler hands out his game honors in the Lions 49-21 loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. Player of the game goes to Az-Zahir Hakim, who proved to be the only bright spot. Mike also gives out his goat of the game among other honors.

PLAYER OF THE GAME: Honors go to Az-Zahir Hakim with a 9 catch, 97 yard performance. Hakim looked like the only weapon on the Lions offensive roster.

GOAT OF THE GAME: Without question, Bill Schroeder. If you didn't know better, you'd think Schroder was scared of contact. He short-armed a couple of balls and appeared slow to avoid contact on another. A zero catch performance.

KEY COACHING MOVE: James Stewart DNPCD--Did not play, coaches decision. Coach Marty Mornhinweg admitted that Stewart could have played in this contest, but he was worried that if he got nicked again, he could be looking at 2-3 weeks for Stewart to get completely healthy. So with no viable replacement, Mornhinweg sat Stewart, result: 51 yards rushing.

SURPRISE OF GAME: The poor play of the Lions defense. The unit that was supposed to carry the flag for Detroit's hopes completely dropped the ball. Allowing Ricky Williams to rush for 111 yards is pretty bad, but allowing the backups to rush for 71 yards--more than the entire Lions team--is inexcusable. Compounding their problems, the defense allowed Jay Fiedler to complete 67% of his passes, that's like pitch and catch.

HAVE WE SEEN THIS BEFORE: James Stewart and Luther Elliss out with injuries.

The hanging heads on the sideline near the game.

The "we've got to look at the film and correct this" speech.

Another embarassing blowout loss.

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