Detroit vs Carolina: Staff Predictions

After a season opening loss at Miami, the Lions look to rebound at Carolina -- or will they? The staff hands out their weekly predictions. Will Rodney Peete burn Detroit again, or can Mike McMahon exploit Carolina's weak secondary? Find out what we think!

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Nate Caminata - Publisher
Detroit faces a completely different defense than what they faced against the Miami Dolphins. Unlike Miami, Carolina's secondary is in ruins, but their front seven is one of the strongest in the league, with speed to boot. If McMahon attempts to run, he may find life difficult. If you are looking for a barometer to measure McMahon's ability as a competent pocket quarterback, Sunday will be the test. Former Lions' cornerback Terry Fair could make things interesting if he makes an appearance in the defensive backfield for Carolina, but McMahon will be facing the weakest set of cornerbacks in the NFL. Expect Detroit to move the ball, and have a rebound performance defensively. If they don't, the season is a wash.

Prediction: Lions 27 - Panthers 13
Current Record: 0-1

Mike Fowler - Beat Writer
No prediction available for this week.
Current Record: 1-0

Paul Wezner - Contributing Editor
Hard to believe, but true.  Even with "the glassman" (Rodney Peete) at the helm, the Lion defense will have trouble stopping the Carolina attack (if their offense can even be referred to as one).  The Lions offense will continue to struggle without reliable weapons, even if James Stewart returns the offense will be inconsistent.  Lions Head Coach Marty Mornhinweg is in a position where the talent level just isn't at the same level as everyone else, and it is now on him to make something happen with what he has to work with.  Right now however, confidence isn't too high in Mornhinweg to pull that off.  Don't be surprised if discussion about Mornhinweg's job security comes up in the next week or so.

Prediction: Panthers 24 - Lions 10
Current Record: 1-0

Frank Bunker - Columnist
On their first series, the Lions open up with some delayed screens to confuse the heck out of everybody.  Then they'll apply heavy doses of James Stewart and a few swings to the outside with Aveion Cason. After getting his feet wet, Mike McMahon will roll out of the pocket for the deep stuff to Anderson, Schroeder and Hakim.

The Defense finally finds a quarterback slow enough for everyone's liking. After several sacks and many knockdowns, Rodney Peete phones his medical provider at half-time and tells them to prepare a private suite at the clinic.

Special Teams finally find some brave souls to make up for retirees and cousins Scott Kowalkowski and Brock Olivio.  Those two guys WERE special teams in Detroit.  Two new guys need to step up, and fast.  What's Stephen Trejo doing these days?

The end result: McMahon runs in the mud for 225 yards and three long TDs, passing for two more. ESPN's Chris Berman calls him Scratchy Legs when running the highlights of what looks from the future to be a 44-13 Lions victory.

Prediction: Lions 44 - Panthers 13
Current Record: 0-1

Adrian Donofrio - Columnist
Well, this is the game all the fans have been circling on their calenders since the schedules came out, Carolina vs. our Lions. Carolina was the only team worse than the Lions last year, record-wise that is, and the Lions have an opportunity to have their record at .500 for the first time since dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Well, it seems like that's how long it's been. Everything for the Lions should work well in this game. The defense should be able to contain Carolina, who has only one decent reciever in Mushin Muhammed, and the offense should be able to roll against Carolina's unthreatening defense. Yes, the Panthers do have a few good players, but Detroit shouldn't have a problem. If Detroit doesn't win this game, controversy will ensue, as well it should.

Prediction: Lions 24 - Panthers 16
Current Record: 1-0

Justin Vanfulpen - Resident Draft Expert
The Lions looked bad against the Dolphins and they play a team that in the first week won as many games as it did all of last year. Former Lions QB Rodney Peete will shine, as will ex-cornerback Terry Fair. Mike McMahon will again start and play as bad as he did in week one.  Lions lose again.

Prediction: Panthers 20 - Lions 16
Current Record: 1-0

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