Fans' Voice: Mornhinweg Voted Out

In a recent poll conducted by, the majority of fans in the message board voted that Lions' head coach Marty Mornhinweg should be removed as head coach. Several fans had comments regarding both why, and why not, the M & M combo should be broken up.

After last Sunday's 31-7 dismal loss to the Carolina Panthers, polled hundreds of fans in 'The Den' fan Message Board, asking whether or not they felt a head coaching change was necessary.

The results? Marty needs to go.

Sixty-four percent of the registered users within 'The Den' opted for current head coach Marty Mornhinweg to get the boot, while the other 35% felt he should maintain his position.

Meanwhile, several fans had thoughts of their own regarding the issue.

"I was one to say give M&M a chance but this team is unprepared and undisciplined," said MotorCity Madman in 'The Den'. "That's the fault of the head coach after this year it might be time for Marty to go."

Added Doug: "The team definitely has no heart... no fire. That's the coaches fault in my opinion! It's his job to have the team prepared & they haven't been."

Some fans, however, remained both optimistic and sympathetic.

"Whether they've got what it takes to get the Lions turned around from losers into champions remains to be seen," stated Conspiratus. "It's a tough job. No one's been able to do it for 45 years."

Added spielman54forever: "Two games do not make a season. We all knew this was going to take time people. Besides, a new coach next week will not make us beat the Pack. Relax already. Let's see what the season as a WHOLE brings."

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