Packers vs Lions: Staff Predictions

Ford Field makes its regular season debut on Sunday, with rookie quarterback Joey Harrington serving as the main attraction, but will it make a difference? The staff hands out its weekly predictions. Will Detroit garner their first win of the season? Find out what we think!

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Nate Caminata - Publisher
Joey Harrington plays big ... you heard it hear first. Expect Harrington to capitalize on a weak and hobbled Packers' secondary, with the Lions' defense finally showing up after a two week layoff. Ford Field's first game must represent the Lions' first win, otherwise Marty will be right back in the dog house.

Prediction: Detroit 27 - Green Bay 13
Current Record: 0-2

Paul Wezner - Contributing Editor
What, do you really expect better?  Brett Favre against the Lions secondary, that's a recipe for disaster.  Last week the Lions secondary made Rodney Peete look like a perennial All Pro.  So what do you expect an actual perennial All Pro to do now?  Joey Harrington starts for the first time in his career against a very average defense, which would be a big plus, if the Lions offense wasn't so pathetic.  . . . And Ford Field officially opens with a big dud.

Prediction: Green Bay 38 - Lions 10
Current Record: 2-0

Frank Bunker - Columnist
The Detroit Lions practiced with #3 at the helm this week.  It might mean on game day, the receivers like it when the ball arrives where A) they have a shot of protecting themselves; B) are in a position to make YAC; and C) get a chance to build the offensive rhythm and momentum.  Speaking of holistic football, the defense will benefit, as well, knowing they don¹t have to be on the field for 40 minutes, holding the opposition to less than 2 points for a shot at winning the game.  Will the Lions go 0­3?  Don't think so.

Prediction: Lions 24 - Packers 13
Current Record: 0-2

Adrian Donofrio - Columnist
The Lions open up the half billion stadium they call Ford Field on Sunday against their arch-rivals, the Green Bay Packers. This will be big. Brett Favre, as painful as it is to say, will probably light it up, early and often. The two main weaknesses for this team, the secondary and the offensive line, will keep anything from happening on either side of the ball. I do expect the Lions to do better than last week. But not much. Green Bay has an even better defensive line than Carolina. It really is irrelevant to how well Harrington plays, or how many points he scores with the offense, if we can't stop the opposition from scoring on every drive, it simply does not matter. Godspeed, Joey Harrington.

Prediction: Packers 28 - Lions 17
Current Record: 1-1

Justin Vanfulpen - Resident Draft Expert
The Fans will be out to see Joey Harrington start his first game for the Detroit Lions on Sunday when the Lions open Ford Field against the Packers. The Lions made the move to Harrington because of two reasons, 1) To give Marty more time to save his job and 2) Because all along he was the best quarterback the Lions had on their roster. Well, the Packers offense is not all there and a few of their key players are injured, like their running back Ahman Green. The Lions should hold their own in the game and it will be close, and QB Brett Farve traditionally struggles in doors against Detroit.

Prediction: Lions 27 - Packers 24
Current Record: 2-0

Mike Fowler - Beat Writer
Prediction: Green Bay 34 - Detroit 27
Current Record: 1-0

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