Lions vs Vikings: Staff Predictions

Can Detroit string together two wins in a row for the first time since Gary Moeller was head coach? They couldn't have a better opportunity as the Lions travel to Minnesota to battle the 0-4, hapless Vikings. The staff hand out its predictions on the game. Remember to make your predictions in 'The Den' at

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Nate Caminata - Publisher
Minnesota's defensive secondary is in disarray, and the linebackers have poor coverage skills. Look for tight end Mikhael Ricks to get hot early to help setup the passing game. On defense, the Lions' primary job is to prevent Duante Culpepper and Randy Moss from hooking up early. Expect rookie CB's Chris Cash, Andre Goodman, and veteran DB Todd Lyght to throw multiple coverage's against Moss and prevent the big play. Joey Harrington throws for over 300 yards.

Prediction: Lions 31 - Vikings 17
Current Record: 1-3

Mike Fowler - Lions Insider
While Minnesota is going to win a game sometime this year, it won't be this week. The bye week helps the Lions get healthy, while Minnesota spirals down to the basement of the NFL. Still, the Viking have enough weapons to score some points. The Lions will just score more. Joey Harrington will throw for 300 yards, and James Stewart will rush for 100.

Prediction: Lions 34 - Vikings 20
Current Record: 3-0

Paul Wezner - Contributing Editor
This should be a close one, but expect Daunte Culpepper and Co. to get back on track, especially against the Lions secondary.  Don't expect the Lions offense to suddenly roll over and die, they'll still put points on the board as long as the main weapons are on the field (namely Az Hakim and James Stewart).  As the saying goes, "Close, but no cigar".  The Lions fall to 1-4.

Prediction: Vikings 34 - Lions 30
Current Record: 3-1

Frank Bunker - "Paperless Lion "Columnist
Aerial slugfest is in store Sunday, decided by Who and What are most capable at making third downs in the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome.  I refer, specifically, to Harrington's arm or Culpepper's feet.  To stop the Lions takes an entire team.  To stop Culpepper's runs takes one spy.  The name is Claiborne.  Chris Claiborne.  Sorry Purple-heads, Moss gets triple-teamed all day and the Lions bust it open late to win a real dogfight, 41-27.

Prediction: Lions 41 - Vikings 27
Current Record: 1-3

Adrian Donofrio - Columnist
The bye week couldn't have come at a better time than it did for the Lions, giving WR's Az-Hakim and Bill Schroeder time to adequately heal, two players that are absolutely imperative to a Lions victory against the Vikes, who also come off a bye week. The bye week was probably a re-evaluation period for the Vikings, and if they play up to their talent level on offense watch out. Michael Bennett can turn the corner in a flash, and we all know what Randy Moss can do, and if his head is in the game it will be TD's left and right. It'll be a squeeker, with the Lions coming out on top. The key is stopping Moss early. If he lights it up off the bat, it'll be an even longer day for our rookie DB's.

Prediction: Lions 31 - Vikings 28
Current Record: 2-2

Justin Vanfulpen - Resident Draft Expert
This will be Joey Harrington's first road game as a pro and it will be against the 0-4 Vikings.  The Vikings defense isn't good against the run or the pass so the Lions offense should be able to open both facets. Look for James Stewart to have a big game against the Vikings.  The Lions should have all their injured wide outs back for Sunday's game and they should make big plays as well.  Randy Moss still puts a sense of fright into the Vikings offense, and although he has been in some trouble this year, he still is a great football player. The Vikings can score points, but the question is will they be able to score as many points as their defense gives up? This Sunday, I don't think so. Lions win in a close one.

Prediction: Lions 31 - Vikings 28
Current Record: 2-2

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