Lions vs Vikings: Gameballs

In our gameballs segment, Lions' rookie defensive back Chris Cash and rookie quarterback Joey Harrington stole the show. Check out the individual staff members gameballs, and thoughts on their selections.

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Nate Caminata - Publisher
ESPN's unwillingness to give Joey Harrington props despite Sunday's loss makes it even more important he receives recognition on this web site. In his first road start, Harrington completed 60% of his passes for 309 yards, two touchdowns, and one mistake that ultimately cost the Lions the game. His composure, accuracy, and leadership earns him a game ball. The defining play on Sunday for Harrington was the 4th down conversion to wide receiver Larry Foster in the 3rd quarter, which spoke volumes about his intangibles. The kid doesn't flinch under pressure, and instead of displaying remorse over his late interception, he was pissed. Chicago is up next, and Joey is on fire, don't expect him to slown down any time soon.

Mike Fowler - Lions Insider
My gameball goes to Chris Cash, the Lions rookie defensive back.  Cash led the team with 12 tackles and one pass deflected and played pretty well against Derrick Alexander, limiting him to just 2 catches for 31 yards and helping out with Randy Moss.

Frank Bunker - "Paperless Lion" Columnist
While a loss, the 2002 Lions game hosted by the Vikings still provided plenty of excellent play:

The Lions Offensive Game Ball goes to rookie quarterback Joey Harrington. His arm got the team an opening-drive TD and kept the team in the game. Minnesota was not afraid of the Lions' running attack, however, and that was the difference -- not the INT that ended the Lions' chances in the end zone.

The Defensive Game Ball should go to rookie cornerback Chris Cash, who made 10 unassisted tackles and helped on two others.  The guy gave a big cushion to the Vikings' receivers on occasion, but he did not flinch when it came to playing with Randy Moss, one of the NFL's elite wide receivers, who made a few catches, but didn't score.

A Special Teams Game Ball goes to veteran kick returner Desmond Howard, who braved the purple rush to get the offense a short field on many kicks.  Too bad the team couldn't capitalize on all of the opportunities the guy created.  The Lions better start cashing on in while they can -- Howard may not be 100-percent healthy, or young enough, to deliver too many more golden opportunities.

Adrian Donofrio - Columnist
Offense: Joey Harrington
Harrington threw for the unwritten watermark for quarterbacks, with over 300 yards (309) in only his second start as a pro football player. His rating was over 90 for the second consecutive week, and his accuracy was over 60%, right where Marty Mornhinweg says he wants it. Although he threw the inerception that sealed the game for the Vikings, he learned from it. Besides, for him to play as well as he did up to that point is unprecedented. Harrington continues to play like a seasoned veteran, that's why he gets my gameball.

Defense: Chris Cash
WR Randy Moss was actually contained in this game, although many expected a huge day for him against a young corner. Luckily the gamble payed off, and Moss did not make a huge difference. What Chris showed this week to warrant a gameball was excellent run support. With all the concerns about stopping speedy running backs on the outside, Cash proved he can help in that area, and with his 13 total tackles (10 solo) he showed why.

Justin Vanfulpen - Resident Draft Expert
My game ball goes to Joey Harrington. He lead the team all the way down the field late in the 4th quarter in effort to get a touchdown, but made a bad play.  He still had over 300 yards passing and made good play after good play but just had one bad throw, but that can be expected with a rookie quarterback.  We all must remember that was his first start on the road in the NFL.

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