Post-Game Comments

Lions' insider Mike Fowler gathered the following post-game comments from Lions' linebacker Donte' Curry, who started his first game at linebacker for Detroit on Sunday, along with comments from running back James Stewart and offensive lineman Ray Brown. Check out to see what they had to say!

Donte' Curry:
On being released and now joining the Lions
"Sometimes things don't work out with one team. You have to come in and show the new team what you're about. "

Regarding the Lions wanting to upgrade their overall team speed:
"Speed is in every position. That's one of the key deals in playing this game. I'm just blessed to have it."

On the win over Chicago:
"Man that's a great feeling. I think we need to start putting the game away early. We did struggle, but we're coming together. We need to stay together and just keep playing."

James Stewart:
On the win over Chicago:
"It's a great win. Everybody had a big part in it and that's what it's all about. It's a team sport so we all came in together and were able to get a big win.

On Cory Schlesinger's blocking:
"That guy, he's my hero. The guy just does so much for you. He does all the special teams plus he goes and gives it his all. Cory's one helluva guy and I just appreciate him and love that he's in there blocking.

On the blocking of Ray Brown, Dominic Raiola, Tony Semple and Schlesinger against Bears LB Brian Urlacher:
"I could sense as the game was going along they were getting just enough of him. If I could just hit that 'crease' we would be able to pick up some big yardage. That's what they did today, they did an outstanding job. You have to take your hat off to them."

On getting 30 carries:
"Yeah, every back loves that. The more carries they get the more comfortable you become. I was real comfortable out there."

Ray Brown
On Detroit's blocking of Brian Urlacher:
"I think you have to account for that guy. He's such a great player in pursuit that if you don't get your hat on him, he's going to be disruptive. And we had some success with the way James [Stewart] ran the ball today.

"I hope we can establish some consistency on the ground because it's going to make Joey Harrington that much better at quarterback, with play-action stuff where we can get down the field. So let's hope it's a string of games where James can really get untracked on the ground."

On the offensive line beginning to 'gel:'
"I know for me, playing next to Stockar for a couple of ballgames, now I know where he's going to be on certain plays. So the familiarity with the group obviously creates some type of cohesiveness and some continuity."

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