Bears vs Lions: Gameballs

The staff, individually, hands out their weekly gameballs following the Lions 23-20 win on Sunday against division rival Chicago. Both defensive and offensive players were awarded. Among the winners? Obviously, running back James Stewart, along with a couple of other standout players.

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Nate Caminata - Publisher
PK Jason Hanson - The kicker never gets the credit unless he misses, it seems. Hanson nailed 3 of his 4 field goals on Sunday, including one that sent the game into overtime, and a clutch 48-yard field goal in overtime that would've been good from 58. The veteran Lions' kicker hasn't been given many kudos lately, despite remaining one of the more accurate and consistent kickers in the National Football League. While technically Hanson may be considered a "special teams" player, he was the offensive force that ultimately won the game against Chicago. Go Jason!

LB Donte' Curry - Released just a few months ago and considered primarily a special teams player, Curry proved that he could play with the big boys on Sunday. While Chicago doesn't provide the most elaborate or effective offensive blocking schemes, Curry filled in admirably for injured starter Clint Kriewaldt.

Mike Fowler - Lions Insider
RB James Stewart - It has to go to James Stewart for his 175 yards rushing on 31 carries.  Stewart proved all his detractors wrong and basically carried the Lions on his back to the win. Cory Schlesingers get the unsung hero award. Schlesinger publicly stated that he would handle Brian Urlacher and he did a great job blocking, freeing Stewart on many occasions.

DT Luther Elliss - Defensive player goes to Luther Elliss who had only three tackles, but one was a sack forcing a fumble that set up the Lions first fumble.

Frank Bunker - "Paperless Lion" Columnist
Perhaps General Millen's slap in the face did something to the Lions.  Hey, it's about time the team feared (or despised) something more than the Sunday opposition.

RB James Stewart - Offensive game ball goes to James Stewart.  Most anytime a back gets 100 yards, it's a sign of a good day.  Stewart got 172, lots of them in 10-yard-chunks, helping keep the chains moving all day long.  When the team needed him in OT, he delivered.

DT Luther Elliss - Defensive game balls go to Luther Ellis.  When he wasn't exhorting the Ford Field crowd to get off their hands, Luther was putting pressure on Chris Chandler all day.  Another d-ball goes to newcomer Donte' Curry.  Definitely no coward, the guy made a bunch of hard tackles.

On special teams, a game ball goes to Long Snapper Brad Banta.  Not only was every snap where it was supposed to be, including the game-tying kicks in regulation and the winner in OT, Banta downed a punt inside the 5.

Adrian Donofrio - Columnist
RB James Stewart - James rushed for a career high 172 yards against a much vaunted Bears defense led by Brian Urlacher. He was clearly the workhorse with 32 attempts. There were times where the Bears knew the Lions were going to run, and still could not stop it. He also caught 2 passes for 28 yards. James did everything right in this game and quite obviously deserves the gameball. And to think, the Texans had the chance to snag him in the expansion draft.

S Corey Harris - He led all tacklers with 7, but that was only part of the story. He had a sack on a key 3rd down play for the Bears, ending the drive and gaining a ton of momentum for his team. He also forced a fumble. You can't beat that box score. And while it is somehwat disturbing to have a member in the secondary lead the team in tackles, you have to be impressed by the overall effort and statistics.

Justin Vanfulpen - Resident Draft Expert
RB James Stewart - My offensive game ball has to go to running back James Stewart. He had two touchdowns and 200 yards of total offense.  Against the Bears, he just made the runs when the team needed him to, and in the second half and the overtime he just wore down the Bears defense. The Lions finally gave him the ball over 20 times in this game and he had the best game of his career when the Lions needed it.

S Corey Harris - My defensive game ball goes to safety Corey Harris, who had a big time sack late in the four quarter when the Lions needed to get the ball back to the the offense. Harris also had a forced fumble and tied for the lead in tackles with 7 for the game (6 solo.)

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