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Lions vs Bills: Staff Predictions

Will Drew Bledsoe and Buffalo's offense dismantle the Lions' secondary, or will Joey and company step up to the plate as they've done for the past four weeks? Find out what the staff thinks in our weekly predictions! Don't forget to make your prediction in <a href="">The Den message board!</a>

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Nate Caminata - Publisher
You realistically make the argument that the Detroit Lions (2-4) have had of the league's more difficult schedules thus far in the regular season. They opened with two consecutive road games against two formidable opponents (Miami and Carolina), came back home to host the North-leading Packers and NFC's top tier Saints, and traveled to Minnesota before hosting -- and defeating -- the Bears last week. It hasn't been a cakewalk for Detroit, and it doesn't get any easier on Sunday when they travel to face Drew Bledsoe and the Buffalo Bills. However, armed with a rookie quarterback and a depleted wide receiver core, the Lions have silently stayed respectable. Not only did the Lions beat New Orleans, who some experts claim to be the best in the NFL, and with the exception of the first two weeks, but Marty's crew has been in every single game -- that cannot be debated. Meanwhile, Buffalo struggled against Chicago and Minnesota earlier this season, and even the expansion Texans. They are overrated, and have virtually no defense. It won't be easy, but that isn't what the Lions are used to. They'll grab everyone's attention with a win.

Prediction: Lions 35 - Bills 32
Current Record: 2-4

Mike Fowler - Lions Insider
Detroit is up against it in this one. Buffalo is peaking early and Detroit is playing them in a tough place, Ralph Wilson stadium. The Lions have to hope for an emotional letdown on the part of the Bills after the crucial division win against Miami last week. The Lions need to turn Buffalo into a one-dimensional team by shutting down the running attack led by Travis Henry. Luther Elliss and Shaun Rogers will need to come up big by stuffing the run and pressuring Bledsoe. Detroit could get a shot in the arm from the play of situational pass rusher Kalimba Edwards, who's shown speed and quickness off the edge. Robert Porcher seems to have gotten a step slower. If Detroit can play keep away from Bledsoe with a good ground attack and just enough passing to keep the Bills defense honest, they have a chance.

PICK: Detroit picked the wrong team in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Prediction: Bills 31 - Lions 20
Current Record: 4-1

Frank Bunker - "Paperless Lion "Columnist
Sure, Buffalo knows not to take Detroit lightly, but they probably can't help themselves.  Well, there's one Bill who won't be looking past the game -- Drew Bledsoe.  The guy who once passed for 4,555 yards in a season lost the last time he faced the Lions as a New England Patriot.  Thus, key to winning this contest is for the Lions D to bring best A-Game and create a bad day for Bledsoe.  The offensive line also needs to blow up some holes for James Stewart, loosening up the coverage for Joey Harrington to complete a couple of deep throws to the revamped receiving corps.  If most of that happens, Lions win, 41-27.

Prediction: Lions 41 - Bills 27
Current Record: 2-4

Adrian Donofrio - Columnist
As if it was to anyone's surprise, but the Bills come in as heavy favorites in this game. And unfortunately, the key for a Detroit win happens to be their biggest disappointment this year: the defensive line. Drew Bledsoe holds on to the ball longer than most QB's, and isn't the most mobile quarterback to ever step on the gridiron. If they can get some pressure on both Bledsoe and RB Travis Henry they should be ok. The Lions offense will more than likely be without Bill Schroeder again, and Germane Crowell will only play on a limited basis. The depleted offense will probably hurt the Lions, despite the Bill's porous defense.

Prediction: Bills 31 - Lions 21
Current Record: 3-3

Justin Vanfulpen - Resident Draft Expert
With the Lions riding their overtime victory last Sunday the Lions will come into Buffalo on a high note.  It looks like the Lions on offense will have everyone back for the first time this season so look for the Lions and quarterback Joey Harrington to put up big numbers for Sunday game.  The Lions will have to run the ball to keep the Bill offense off the field so look for James Stewart to get the ball over 20 times again this Sunday.  The Lions defense and their cornerback will have a big test and the Lions front seven will have to get a lot of pressure.  Look for the game to be in the high 30 point range. In the end the Lions win their first road game of this season, in a close one.

Prediction: Lions 33 - Bills 28
Current Record: 3-3

Paul Wezner - Contributing Editor
No prediction available.
Season Record: 4-1

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