Lions show interest in DE/LB prospect

The Detroit Lions took a particular interest in one UNLV defensive end during this past weekend's NFL Scouting combine. Q&A with this prospect inside.

DE Jeremy Geathers / UNLV
6-3, 256

Following his junior year, UNLV defensive end Jeremy Geathers declared eligible for April's NFL Draft. And during this the Indianapolis scouting combine, the Detroit Lions were among a handful of teams who expressed interest in the son of former NFL sackmaster "Jumpy" Geathers.

Geathers is projected as a mid-to-late round prospect, and his 40-times hovered around 4.7. He recorded 5.5 sacks in each of his final two years at UNLV.

Below is an interview conducted by's Jon Scott, who was in Indianapolis.

Jon Scott: Which teams have you spoken with?
JG:So far I've spoken with the Tams, the Chargers, the Lions, the Chiefs, and the Broncos.

JS:Is there any talk of you playing linebacker?
JG:It's something I'm open to. A lot of people have been talking about linebacker in a 3-4. it's something I'm open to. I'm ready to play.

JS:Do you plan on participate in all the drills?
JG:I'm gonna do everything.

JS:Do you think you have the athleticism to play linebacker in the NFL?

JS:Do you have any experience playing the position?
JG:I've practiced it a lot, not very much in the games, a little bit. But I feel like it's something I can do.

JS:What kind of wisdom has your father, Jumpy, imparted?
JG:Just go in and show them what I'm blessed with. He's not really a big talker about that. He's just like go in and be myself and everything will take care of itself.

JS:Has it been good or bad for you to have the "Geathers" name?
JG:It's been really good. Going into a lot of the meetings, even going to the doctors, that's the first thing they talk about.

JS:Robert had that hit on Trent Green two years ago. What was your take on that?
JG:I just thought he's a relentless player. He's going to go full speed ahead to the ball. It doesn't look like he was trying to intentionally do it. He was just going for the ball.

JS:Did you ever ask about Robert about it?
JG:I've talked to him a couple of times about. He basically just says that he was just playing football. He was doing his job.

JS:What do you think you bring to the table?
JG:I think I bring a lot more speed off the edge. As far as technique, I'm a great pass rusher. You know, my skills have been taught by my father and my cousin. So my pass-rushing skills are probably a little ahead of [the other guys in the draft class]. Other than that I've got great knowledge of the game from my family. That's probably about it.

JS:What did you think of the play from the Giants' defensive ends at the Super Bowl?
JG:When you see those D-ends and that speed coming off the edge, that's probably what got them there, most definitely.

JS:Did your father show you the [inaudible] move?
JG:He showed me. I haven't been able to perfect it yet.

JS:How long have you been working on it?
JG:For a little bit, probably about three years or so.

JS:How do you benefit your father's experience as an NFL player?
JG:You get to learn a lot of the NFL techniques, a lot of the old-school techniques, the hitting. Plus you just get knowledge of the game. Players who don't have family [who played the game] when they first come into the game, they don't know what to expect or they don't know how to handle certain situations. My father coaches me through everything. He's taught me how to handle situations and how to prepare for them. It really helps me a lot going into it having that insight.

JS:Does the family name help or hurt?
JG:It definitely helps. I'm pretty sure I can fill the expectations [associated with the name].

JS:Is there pressure to do that?
JG:Sometimes there's pressure, but it doesn't hurt to have the name.

JS:Were you steered into football?
JG:No, never. It's always been something I've loved, always something I've had a passion for. I'm just in love with the game.

JS:What kind of special insight do you get working with your family?
JG:Just all types of family secrets. My whole family, everybody plays d-end. We all get together in the summer and just practice and play...a lot of pass-rush moves, a lot of just getting off the ball. It's a lot of positional work and it helps a lot.

JS:Did you ever play any other positions?
JG:In high school, I played running back, outside linebacker and d-end.

JS:What are your strengths?
JG:I feel my strengths are my speed and quickness off the ball and just my pass rushing skills.

JS:What do you want to work on before the draft?
JG:I really feel like I'm a complete player. I just really want to work on just studying my defensive scheme and studying opponents.

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