Mornhinweg ready to make changes

During Monday's media briefing, Lions' head coach Marty Mornhinweg seemed ready to make changes to the receiving corps rotation. Wide receiver Bill Schroeder, who had several drops on Sunday, could move down to make room for fellow wide out Eddie Drummond.

(ALLEN PARK, MI) -- One thing was clear in coach Marty Mornhinweg's press conference on Monday. He was not happy with the play of his wide receiving corps as a whole and hinted very strongly that changes to the rotation could happen as early as this week against the New York Jets.

"We've got to catch the football," said Mornhinweg. "Our players are paid to catch the football and catch the football first. Then not only do I expect that, I expect our players to do more than that; catch and run, make the great play and we just didn't get that throughout the game [and] especially early in the game. In fact I felt pretty good, then all of a sudden we started dropping [the ball]. We dropped a couple back-to-back and that just can't happen."

Lions rookie quarterback Joey Harrington stepped up to take the blame, saying he had to put the ball "in a better spot" to make it easier for the receiver to make the catch, but while Mornhinweg made it clear the responsibility to catch the ball lies with the receivers.

"That's what the good and great quarterbacks do in this league. [That's] class. Leaders do that. I would expect that out of him. Listen, with a young inexperienced quarterback some of these things certainly are not unexpected. We're going through some growth there, yet when you have that, everyone else has to step up and do more than their share. We just didn't get that yesterday. We've gotten it in other games, so I would expect to get it this week at home vs. the Jets."

However, Mornhinweg had to know what he was getting -- to a lesser extent with Az-Zahir Hakim and to a greater extent in Bill Schroeder -- receivers with reputations for dropping the football. Realistically, what can he expect to change?

"Az made some great plays and I would expect him to make all the plays that come to him. Bill dropped some passes and really didn't make any plays. We've got to be playmakers. That's their reputation. I would expect them both to play at a high level on a consistent basis. Period."

Failing that, is making a change at wide receiver, particularly at Schroeder's starting position an option? "Yes," said Mornhinweg. "First of all, none of our receivers played particularly well," he continued. "I did think Germane [Crowell] played pretty well coming off of the knee [injury]. I have already put a lot of thought into it. I will continue to put some thought into it. I'll make some decisions here shortly."

Does that mean that Eddie Drummond would become more prominent in the Lions receiving rotation? "He got into the football game," Mornhinweg stated. "That will continue."

One has to wonder what the future is for Bill Schroeder as a Lion. Schroeder has damaged his already shaky reputation in just one half a season. He's been injury proned and has not stepped up under pressure. Several Green Bay players called into question his courage, saying "he had his head on a swivel" during Sunday's 40-14 loss.

While Detroit will no doubt look to upgrade it's receiving corps in the offseason (wouldn't Charles Rogers of Michigan State look great in Honolulu Blue?) until then, Mornhinweg will have to live with the players that GM Matt Millen acquired in the free agent period.

Hey, is Johnnie Morton available?

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