Moore comes out of retirement to play with Giants

Detroit Lions' all-time leading receiver and possible hall of famer Herman Moore, who hasn't played since early in the 2001 season, has decided to get back into the game. The former Virginia standout signed a one-year, pro-rated contract with the New York Giants

(ALLEN PARK, MI) -- Detroit's all-time leading receiver and possible hall of famer Herman Moore has decided to get back into the game, signing a one-year pro-rated contract with the New York Giants.

Moore, who was put on injured reserve by the Lions after suffering a hip injury, tried out earlier in the year with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but Pittsburgh decided, going instead with former Atlanta Falcon Terrance Mathis. Moore's agent, Brad Blank, said that Pittsburgh wasn't a good fit anyway.

"He likes two things about the Giants," Blank said. "One is they are a game out of first place, and the second thing is he is going to put the uniform on. He wants to play the game. In Pittsburgh they wanted him to sit on the bench and be a coach."

Blank also said the Lions botched Moore's hip injury and relations have been strained ever since.

"He hurt his hip in the second week of last season and they put him on injured reserve," Blank said. "The funny thing was there was a big controversy. He was ready to play a week after they put him on injured reserve. The NFL came in and did a whole investigation and said it was misdiagnosed."

Moore still has business interests in the Detroit area including a restaurant in Ford Field, home of the Lions. The Lions do not play the Giants this year and Moore's deal likely will not be renewed next season. He is receiving the pro-rated portion of the veteran minimum of $775,000, $308,824 for the final seven regular-season games. Only the pro-rated portion of $477,000 counts against the Giants cap making him a virtual bargain.

But Moore says if he gets the opportunity, he wants to play three or four more seasons.

"I never really had a chance to finish my career," Moore said after his first practice with the Giants. "Being 33, I look at guys like Tim Brown, Cris Carter, and those guys are three or four years older than I am, and I'm in no way ready to call it quits. If the opportunity is there, I'll try and make the most of it. The only thing I can do is come to an opportunity like this and show what I have."

Moore joins a string of aging veterans who have come out of retirement to fill injury striken rosters including former HBO broadcaster Carter who came out of retirement to sign with the Miami Dolphins. His comeback lasted only one week before being placed on the injured list with kidney problems.

Lions fans can't be happy with seeing one of their all-time greats don the uniform of a rival, but at least it isn't Barry Sanders.

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