Mornhinweg will stick with Harrington

Despite a few shaky performances, Lions' head coach Marty Mornhinweg said Wednesday that he will stick with rookie quarterback Joey Harrington as his starter. Mornhinweg admitted that there is some benefit to sitting a young quarterback, but that he wants Harrington to "get all the experience possible this year."

Not that he has any choice, but Lions coach Marty Mornhinweg says he hasn't even considered the possibility of removing rookie quarterback Joey Harrington -- even temporarily -- from the starting job.

"There is some value in sitting a guy down," Mornhinweg said. "He can take a deep breath ... but I want to grind through this. I want him to get all the experience possible this year."

After a fast start in his first four NFL games, Harrington has begun to struggle. The Lions have won only one of their last four games and his play has declined significantly. An example was an other-wise perfect drive early in the 31-14 loss to the Jets but when the Lions got to the four-yard line, he threw an interception.

"These are some of the things ... that we're going to battle through," he said. "There's no substitution for playing experience and that's what he's getting. He's getting it in league games.

"The first drive (against the Jets) was a beautiful drive and we get down there around the four, he made a major mistake."

Even if Mornhinweg wanted to change quarterbacks, it would be a tough choice with only Mike McMahon and Ty Detmer available. McMahon started the first two games of the season and was badly overmatched; Detmer hasn't gotten plays with the offense all year.

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