Lions want to break Law

How will the Detroit Lions deal with Patriots' star cornerback Ty Law? Lions' insider Mike Fowler got the answers from head coach Marty Mornhinweg and quarterback Joey Harrington. Check out their comments, and much more, in this great insider article! [This has been made a free article due to Thanksgiving Day! Enjoy!]

(ALLEN PARK, MI) -- There's a reason New England Patriots corner Ty Law is the highest paid defensive back in the game. He's the best there is, but don't look for statistics to bear that out.

The former University of Michigan standout has elevated his game to such a level that opposing offenses are wary of even throwing the ball in his direction. Most teams simply game plan a way to keep Law out of harm's way.

"They are very agressive," said Lions coach Marty Mornhinweg of the Patriots secondary. "They will challenge you. They do use their experience to their advantage."

Then, speaking of Law in particular, Mornhinweg said "typically, on very good corners, you decided during the game planning part of the week exactly what you're going to throw at him and exactly what you're not going to throw at him and Ty Law is one of those players."

Detroit quarterback Joey Harrington realizes he has to be smart, but isn't willing to concede part of the field to Law. "I don't worry about [Law]. I work within the game plan. We've designed our offense to exploit what we think is the best way to go after the Patriots. So as long as I run the game plan and don't focus on 'hey I can't go at this guy', we'll be alright. As long as I stick with my reads we'll be fine."

Detroit might be catching the Patriots premier corner at a good time. It was questionable whether or not Law would play in the Patriots win Sunday over the Minnesota Vikings. New England would not be specific about the leg injury Law suffered in a loss to the Oakland Raiders.

Law, for his part, has mixed feelings about playing on Thanksgiving Day.

"Everybody's going to be glued in [to the broadcast]," Law said. "There's probably going to be a lot more people nodding off, being full, tired and everything. But it's going to be fun. I'm not looking forward to playing that year in and year out. I want to eat, too."

NOTES: Mornhinweg listed several players as questionable Jared DeVries leg , Lamar Campbell (questionable), Corey Harris (questionable), Robert Porcher (questionable), Brian Walker (questionable), Aveion Cason (probable), Bill Schroeder (probable).

Look for Andre Goodman to get extended playing time today. Mornhinweg though, stopped short of naming him the starter over embattled Todd Lyght. "Against these guys (Patriots), they're going to be in 'Zebra' or three wides more than 50% of the time it looks like so 'Geez' were going to get all of our 'DB's' on the field anyway."

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