The Den: Finding Humor in Loss

OK, so perhaps Detroit's season opener didn't go exactly as expected. But that didn't stop members of The Den message board from expressing themselves in humorous ways during and after Sunday's 34-21 loss at Atlanta.

Members of The Den, the official Lions message board, gather every week to discuss (and, more often times than not, vent) all things Detroit. And prior to Sunday's season opener, optimism was high. About midway through the game, the sarcasm was thick ... (unfiltered for your amusement)

(Yes, these are real users)

"Well, I kind of wish they had my power off again." - SportyCliche

"Let's see:

-The Falcons are up by 10 and they throw and play hurry-up.
-The Lions are down by 17 and they run and huddle up." - FontesMustGo

"Is it me, or does it look like our defenders are dolphins flopping out of water arching their backs and lunging at the falcons???" - Dave3669

"Did I mention that I'm wearing my Shaun Rogers jersey while watching this game?" - Topjob

"I really think we should start drafting defensive players with arms." - notfishinsunday

"I bet Atlanta don't get 3 more wins after today...wait, do we play them again?" - scottallen222

"I haven't seen a fake fireworks display like this since the Olympics." - socko (on the 'fireworks' sound affects every time Atlanta scored)

"Where's Brian Kelly?" - scottallen222 (it was the 7th time that it was asked ... )

"The moving wall on the commercials for that game show tackles better than we do." - FontesMustGo

"next week is going to be ugly. But its probably going to be blacked out so we wont have to suffer through it. "- beergood

"Jon's Sack Timer appears to be on the fritz..." - WinnipegFan

"****** ****** ****** - Freebird22 (that's our censor hard at work ...)

"go cowboys lions suck." - dalionsfan

"Well I'm off to kill my teddy bear. Lions cost him his life." - Kidstealth

"Why are the Lions so terrible? Well, besides having no defense, no O-Line, and no running game to speak of...

(1) Compare the quality of automobiles made by Ford since 1958 to the quality of football teams made by Ford since 1958.
(2) Voodoo curse.
(3) God is a Packers, Vikings, Bears, Giants, Cowboys, Redskins, Eagles, 49ers, Seahawks, Rams, Saints, Buccaneers, Panthers, Falcons, Cardinals, Jets, Bills, Patriots, Dolphins, Ravens, Browns, Bengals, Steelers, Colts, Titans, Texans, Jaguars, Chiefs, Raiders, and Broncos fan.
(4) Wayne Fontes
(5) Lack of cheerleaders
(6) Kwame Kilpatrick

Anything I missed?" - FontesMustGo

"What about next year? What about next year? Season tickets still available!" - zec519

"When the Falcons go 16-0, we can all look back on this and laugh." - goosecat

"Lions win this if they have crowd noise." - LionsFans

"The NFL is going to have to hurry up and add 68 more teams so they can properly rank us our due #100...pathetic" - annualhindsight
- response: "They can just make the Lions eligible for a BCS ranking." - goosecat

"Well, that was a little disappointing." - socko

"I feel like I wanna it OK if I do?" - EricALionsFan

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