Williams Upset With Lions Pass Game

Fifth-year receiver Roy Williams isn't getting the ball, and the Lions aren't winning -- and he isn't happy.

Roy Williams isn't happy, and everyone probably should have seen it coming.

Detroit's fifth-year receiver, who has taken a backseat to the Calvin Johnson hype (and, of recently, play) in recent months, expressed disappointment in his receptions during the week.

Williams has collected just six grabs for 95 yards in the team's two losses, to Johnson's 13 receptions.

On the whole, he's accounted for less than 18 percent of Detroit's passing offense.

"I feel that if I'm not involved in the game and we lose, I'm (ticked) off," Williams said. "But if I'm not involved and we win, hey, it's a great job. And I've been like that since I've been here. I just feel like I can make some plays as well. ... Three balls a week, that's not going to cut it."

Which is true.

During training camp, Williams was adamant that his role was only as important as Detroit's success. And if the team were to struggle, he might voice his frustration. It didn't take long. The team's lopsided losses have naturally spawned aggravation across the locker room, but the finger pointing has been subtle to non-existent.

Williams, however, is pointing a finger -- at himself. He wants the ball more.

Williams claimed that he's had just 11 balls tossed into his direction since the season began, while Johnson has had plenty of open field opportunities. So is there favoritism between quarterback Jon Kitna and Johnson?

"I think so," Williams said, half-serious. "I always joke with him, because when he throws the ball to me, he kind of throws it like I'm 6-7, up there with Calvin."

Kitna disagreed.

"I think these first couple weeks, we definitely want to get him the ball more," Kitna said of Williams. "I think we tried to get him the ball more (against Green Bay). We just missed on a few plays. Unfortunately had the pass interference call they called against him and things like that. We tried to get him the ball. I don't know how many times we threw it in his direction ... but there's not a cognizant effort to go away from him on my part."

Williams made mention that he felt like more of a "role" player than a go-to-guy in the offense. However, according to offensive coordinator Jim Colletto, that isn't how it has been designed. Because of his experience and talent, Williams is actually the No. 1 receiver on the bulk of Detroit's pass plays. He hasn't been replaced by Johnson -- he just hasn't been getting the ball, whether through his own fault or someone else's.

"Yeah, and there were a couple that we threw probably to the wrong guy, when it really was designed to go to him, had it worked out that way," said Colletto. "That's just a sense of frustration, all those guys want to catch every ball and get a lot of passes. I don't have any qualms about that."

It also doesn't help that Williams is in the last year of his contract with Detroit. It's oft-considered (and statistically proven) that contract players will produce exponentially when a big money contract is on the line. That fact likely isn't lost on Williams.

Said Williams, "This week, I had six come my way -- three for 48... Enough balls come my way? No, sir. No, sir."

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