Across the League: Response to Millen's Exit

We get the opinion of our fellow NFL publishers across the network in regards to Matt Millen's firing. From Chicago: "Here in the Windy City, he will be missed. His degree of incompetence may have been downright comical at times, but it also indirectly made the Bears a better football team."

It's a sad day in Green Bay, Chicago and Minnesota, where the addition of Detroit as a real NFL team means the NFC North is no longer the league's only three-team division.
   Bill Huber,

I know Detroit fans from sea to shining sea are breathing a collective sigh of relief now that Matt Millen has finally been shown the door. However, here in the Windy City, he will be missed. His degree of incompetence may have been downright comical at times, but it also indirectly made the Bears a better football team. While the Chicago organization has drafted the likes of Michael Haynes, Rex Grossman, and Cedric Benson in the first round of the NFL Draft since 2003, Millen's repeated gaffes in Round 1 have allowed Jerry Angelo to continually hang his hat on finding mediocre defensive talent on Day 2. If Millen can somehow secure a job in the Green Bay front office, Bears fans would be more than willing to pay for the moving truck.
   John M. Crist, Bear Report Magazine

While it will take some time to recover, and maybe longer than a year depending on what happens with the coaching staff in all of this, the rest of the NFC North might actually have to be concerned about the Lions in the future.
   Tim Yotter, Viking Update

And you can't live in PA and be the GM of a team in Michigan. The job is too involved to do it part time.
   Dan Leberfeld,

From an organizational standpoint, seeing the best at work makes it harder to tell when talent evaluators are generally bad, or just not good enough to compete. With that being said, it was never hard to tell where Millen belonged, the team's record told us all we really needed to know about his ability as a GM.

(Maybe more appropriately, he should be remembered for this moment, which seems to have carried over from his days as a player.)
   Jon Scott,

Is there dancing in the streets now that the fans got their wish?

Bottom line is most of the roster has to be rebuilt now. And the defense is built for Marinelli's scheme.

They aren't exactly out of the woods yet.
   Adam Caplan, NFL Analyst

It's actually mind-boggling it took this long for this move to be made because it was obvious -- or at least it should have been totally obvious -- that either Millen had the worst luck in the world or he was in over his head. This is what you get for thinking someone can go straight from the broadcast booth to GM/president position.
   Alain Poupart, Dolphin Digest

He was truly an island of horrific stability.
   Barry McBride, The Orange and Brown Report

Good riddance as a terrible talent evaluator is finally out of the picture and back to Pennsylvania. He should go back on television where he could pretend to understand the big picture of the game. He was a total disaster and should never have been entrusted with running a football team in the first place. The constant risk-taking with wide receiver picks and inability to evaluate quarterbacks were flagrant personnel mistakes. He could have done better just flipping a coin than with his inept decisions.
   Aaron Wilson, Ravens Insider

Another Penn Stater done wrong ... :)
   Ken Palmer, Giant Insider

You know, I was trying to come up with a great joke. Something along the lines of "Right now, somewhere so and so is boxing up his worst GM in NFL history trophy and mailing it to Matt Millen." Then I searched my vast trove of NFL knowledge and realized Millen would just be mailing it to himself. And he'd probably send it C.O.D.

Awful. Truly wretched. The Fords should be forced to sell the team just for keeping Millen beyond his second year.
   Matthew Postins,

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