Healthy Jones Takes Aim at Former Team

Former running back Kevin Jones, now a member of the Chicago Bears -- and also completely recovered from last year's knee injury, has an axe to grind with Detroit.

It might be fair to suggest that Kevin Jones is still bitter.

Detroit's top running back the past few years, and a former first-round selection of recently dumped GM Matt Millen, joined the Chicago Bears after the Lions waived Jones in March. The Lions didn't feel comfortable with his $2.37 million salary, but two major injuries in two years had penned him a liability.

Jones told the Chicago Tribune earlier this week that he was upset none of his teammates called to check on him while he recovered from his knee injury earlier this year.

"I don't have the guy's number," wide receiver Roy Williams responded. "I never had his number."

Said Marinelli, "I know I talked to him - I believe I did - before he left here. That's my recollection."

Chicago signed Jones for the league minimum late in the off-season, despite the fact he hadn't completely recovered from his torn anterior cruciate ligament. He missed almost all of Chicago's training camp, but joined the team in the preseason and has been a pleasant surprise ever since.

Playing behind starter Matt Forte, Jones has accrued 71 yards on 20 carries.

Jones also talked about anger turning to relief after his release, how he was surprised the Lions fired Millen last week because Millen had weathered the storm in the past, and returning to Ford Field with the Lions looking for their first victory.

"I guess it is going to be weird," Jones said, according to the Chicago Tribune. "But I don't want to get myself too worked up over it. Most of all I want to beat them. No way I want their first win to be on us."

Following Wednesday's practice, Marinelli praised Jones for how quickly he came back. Asked if he would have released Jones if he knew then what he knows now, Marinelli said with a laugh: "I don't know. It didn't work that way. He's a heck of a back. We know that, and hats off to him.

"He's overcome this stuff fast and I take my hat off to him, and he looks good."

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