Ketchman: Cap Savings by Trading Roy?

Salary cap guru George Ketchman breaks down how Tuesday's transactions will affect the Detroit Lions salary cap.

In a recent post on his salary cap transaction forum, salary capologist George Ketchman breaks down the financial ramifications of Tuesday's moves with Jon Kitna and Roy Williams.


Roy Williams contract calls for a $3,724,500 base salary.

The entire base salary was scheduled to count against the Lions 2008 Salary Cap. As a result of the trade, the Lions will save $2,409,970 ($3,724,500 * 11 weeks/17 weeks) and will have $1,358,333 of Dead Cap* in 2009 from previously paid signing bonuses.


Jon Kitna was placed on Injured Reserve.

His contract called for a $1,000,00 playing time incentive bonus for 2008 that based on past performance was deemed Likely To Be Earned (LTBE).

The bonus was likely based on strictly 2008 playing time, and after being placed on Injured Reserve, Kitna likely won't meet that incentive bonus.

The Lions will save $1,000,000 against the 2008 Salary Cap.

*Dead Cap refers to cap charges for players no longer on the team. When a player is released, waived, traded or terminated, any charges for the current cap year are considered Dead Cap. These charges typical include any workout bonuses earned, roster bonuses earned, reporting bonuses earned, current base salaries earned or owed and/or any current amortized portion of items treated as a signing bonus (i.e. signing bonuses, option bonuses, guaranteed roster bonuses or salary advances).

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