Players React to Williams Trade

The reaction in the locker room after the trade of Roy Williams to Dallas earlier this week.

  • A couple of computers sit across from the players' lounge in the Lions' locker room. Someone had changed the wallpaper on one of them Wednesday. It showed Williams in a Cowboys shirt next to his new No. 11 jersey. Across the top it read: "WELCOME TO THE COWBOYS!"

    "We're going to miss the guy," wide receiver Calvin Johnson said. "But hey, he's moving on to better things, so we've got to do the same."

  • "Sometimes less is more," quarterback Dan Orlovsky said. "Roy's a phenomenal player, but we like the guys we have here. We trust the guys we have here. We don't have slouches."

  • Center Dominic Raiola didn't look at the Williams trade as a white flag.

    "Outside looking in, it's easy to say, 'Ah, they're throwing the season in the tank,' " Raiola said. "Realistically when you look at it, if Roy stayed here the whole year, I don't know if it would have helped him or it would have helped us. You see what I'm saying? He got a big deal going down there right now. Are we going to re-sign him next year? You've got to look at that. Do we need two receivers with cap numbers at eight, nine million a year? Is that what they want to do here?"

  • Williams might not have been the only wide receiver the Lions shopped before Tuesday's trade deadline.

    "I heard some rumors of me getting shopped," Shaun McDonald said. "My agent told me there might be a chance. So I was just sitting and just seeing what happened. Whatever happened, happened." Did McDonald ask the Lions' brass if the rumors were true? "Nah," McDonald said. "I ain't really that kind of guy. If it would have happened, it would have happened. I would have just gone on my way. But I can't fault them if they did try." McDonald likely would have fit in San Francisco. He played under 49ers offensive coordinator Mike Martz in St. Louis and Detroit. But he said he didn't hear anything about any particular team.

    McDonald will likely fill Roy Williams' role at wide receiver now that Williams has been traded to Dallas, though Mike Furrey should see more playing time, too.

    "Obviously they're looking forward to the future," said McDonald. "But for us as players, people come in and out of this locker room all the time. We've just got to put the best players we've got out there, try to play and get some victories."

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