Lions Fans: Thank God that's over

Some fans are happy that Detroit's season of misery is complete -- and we can't blame them. A handful of reactions from The Den message board after the Lions cap a winless season, falling to Green Bay, 31-21.

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  • Thank God that's over. - Flee1
  • Well I found this cheap Lions hat I bought after the preseason that I haven't wore in about 12 weeks so I put it on a pole in my yard and set it on fire. - MotorCityManiac
  • ... no idea how much I want to drink right now. 0-16. No wins. No talent. No coaching. No management. Nothing. This is not an NFL quality product. The NFL has to do something about WCF. The Lions have the worst team in history. Completed. An Imperfect season.

    The 2008 Detroit Lions®.
    Any similarity to an actual NFL team, living or deceased, is unintentional and merely coincidental. - QuirinusObsidian
  • CharlesRoyKev wrote: Tomorrow's a new era! 0-0!
    You're not serious are you? - Stuvens
  • I haven't felt this bad since Barry announced his retirement just before training camp. - Topjob
  • That "bad day" song should be the theme for the Lions this year. - lionfan25
  • "FOX NFL Sunday's Howie Long on the seemingly cursed Detroit Lions: "I can't figure this one out. Maybe the practice facility or the stadium was built on some ancient burial ground. I don't know, but there's something wrong there."

    That's one of the funnier things I read this year. It must be built over WCF's vampire coffin or something... there has to be an explanation somewhere.  - QuirinusObsidian
  • My God, I think I'm.... Free??  I've been a fan about 35 years now.  10 or 15 years ago, this season would have had me pulling a Keith Moon on the living room.  But strangly, I really don't care that much now.  I mean, I'm still a fan, still like the lions, and want to see them win, but the nonsense of this year just doesn't bother me.  It's like, OK, when does the draft guide come out.  It's like someone slipped me some Lions Naloxone. - sid11
  • I hear ya Sid...I have been numb to the Lions for about a decade (hence my screen name).  I still root for them and hope for them to win but I do so with a kind of emotional detachment that keeps me from feeling pain. It is a fine line to watch them but not ever get your hopes up. Tequila helps. - Jadedandnolongerdissappointed
  • GhostofBobbyLayne wrote: I hope Ford finally understands what he needs to do and makes the right changes.

    ...and I hope I get a unicorn next Christmas. - FontesMustGo

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