Cook: Same old, Same old for Lions

The Lions have one playoff victory to show for Ford's 44 years of "leadership," and Monday's decisions were no better measuring stick as to why that is.

It's the same old same old for the Detroit Lions.

And that old is William Clay Ford, the 83-year-old owner of the team.

The Lions have one playoff victory to show for Ford's 44 years of "leadership," and Monday's decisions were no better measuring stick as to why that is.

Rod Marinelli had to go -- there's no arguing that. As good a person as he is, he was overwhelmed as an NFL head coach. He'll probably go back to being one of the better assistant coaches in the league's ranks.

The real decisions where Ford demonstrated his total lack of a football clue were promoting Martin Mayhew to general manager on a full-time basis and Tom Lewand to team president.

When you go 0-16, one thing you don't want is the status quo. Ford just ensured it.

Remember, Mayhew is one of the first people Millen hired. That right there should be enough for him not to be retained. He was the right-hand man to Millen and his penchant for bone-headed free agent signings and drafts picks.

Lewand is a good bean counter, businessman and salary cap expert. That's what he's best at, and where he should stay. During his time in Detroit, the Lions have never been a team that hasn't seen a cap crunch.

But handing the team over to these two is asking for disaster, pure and simple.

What the Lions needed to do is clean house in the player personnel department and start over with proven NFL scouting talent in order to populate the Lions with legitimate NFL athletic talent. That has been the root of Detroit's descent to the leaky cellar of the NFL with no light at the end of the tunnel.

Congress should take the Lions away from Ford as part of the auto industry bailout.

William Clay Ford seemingly hasn't made one good decision on his own in his tenure and will continue to drive the Lions to some fate worse than 0-16 if it at all possible. Maybe he'll force Mayhew to draft a quarterback No. 1 overall, a la Joey Harrington.

Mayhew is not the man for the Lions' GM job.

Not when Miami's Bill Parcells and New England's Scott Pioli are out there shopping their services. It is moronic to jump the gun and hire Mayhew and Lewand before even interviewing anyone else. They weren't going anywhere, so why not look to see if you can get something better (and that wouldn't be hard)? It's something Matt Millen would have done.

Ford has proven he's an imbecile when it comes to football. The Lions are the pet turtle this geezer has refused to water for 44 years now.

You'd think that a guy who only cares about the Lions making money would have been jolted awake when the team didn't sell out its first games since moving into Ford Field. That's going to happen more next year.

Be prepared for the Lions to hire a college coach to guide this shipwreck. Ford appears to be in full cost-saving mode, which is the only explanation for hiring Mayhew and Lewand instead of pursuing people with proven track records like Parcells and Pioli.

Get ready for Detroit's version of Gene Chizik.

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