May The Schwartz Be With ... Detroit?

The Detroit Lions seem to be closing in on Titans' DC Jim Schwartz as the team's next head coach -- and everyone likes the idea. We gather opinions from the staff on whom should coach Detroit next, along with a very convincing reaction from the fans of the Lions.

Tennessee Titans' defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz has been perhaps the most common name associated with the Detroit Lions expansive head coach search.

And despite the myriad of options that still seem to exist, including future interviews and potential coaching changes elsewhere in the league, he seems to be the consensus choice among a rather clueless media (the Lions have remained air-tight on information leaks) and fans.

Schwartz has already interviewed once with the Lions, a meeting that evidently went incredibly well. So well, in fact, that learned he has landed a second date with Detroit's front office brass -- this one including owner William Clay Ford, Sr. -- and a contract could be in the offering.

Schwartz's credentials are impressive. Despite being bounced in the playoffs, the Titans had the NFL's best defense in the league.

"He's known for being aggressive and team's generally have a tough time scoring against his defense," according to one league insider.

But should Detroit's coaching search end with Schwartz, or should General Manager Martin Mayhew and company continue due diligence by evaluating the rest of its candidate list?

We asked the editorial staff, and the fans, for their feedback. Below are the results ...



 James Cook

Mike Leach
Texas Tech

The Lions need a head coach who will be a solid decision-maker. They don't need someone who can coach a position, but a guy who knows how to manage the game, get the most out of practice time, motivate his team and get the most of out the talent on the roster. Perhaps most importantly, they need someone who has the know-how and connections to hire ahead-of-the-curve coordinators to implement an aggressive, innovative game plan and can adjust to their opposition on a weekly basis. Rule No. 1: Stay away from the letter 'M'. Thankfully, Mangini is out of the picture. Knowing William Clay Ford, they'll probably just go with a revolutionary head-coach-by-committee approach that results in 87 delay-of-game penalties per game.
My pick: Mike Leach, Texas Tech, but it'll never happen.



Topher Smith

Topher Smith
Draft Analyst

Jason Garrett
Cowboys OC

While my dream coach would be Dick LeBeau from the Steelers, that is nothing but a pipe dream.  If I had my say, judging from who we've talked about, and who we've interviewed, I'm going to have to go with Jason Garrett.  Jerry Jones had him handpicked as Wade's successor, though it appears Wade will still be sticking around in Dallas.

Garrett is young, has a wealth of experience in the League, as well as innovative.  I think taking him away from the annual Barnum & Bailey's show that is the Dallas Cowboys could show how strong of a choice he would be.



Mike Mady

Mike Mady

Jim Schwartz
Titans DC

The Tennessee Titans' defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz would be a good fit for the Lions' vacant coaching position.

Schwartz has had the opportunity to learn from Bill Belichick and Jeff Fisher - two of the league's best head coaches.  He also interviewed for some head coaching positions last year. 

He could help improve the league's worst defense from 2008.





Nate Caminata

Nate Caminata

Jim Schwartz
Titans DC

Not only do all the signs point to Schwartz securing the head coaching job, but they all should anyway. In Detroit's post-season press conference, the team's upper management stressed they wanted a bigger, more physical team. Besides the fact that Martin Mayhew was a defensive player in the pros, he also wants the team to reflect its city -- tough, passionate, and proud. Schwartz's track record indicates that he can provide that -- and perhaps lure away Tennessee's dominant DT, Albert Haynesworth, a free-agent in February.



Tony Dungy said: The best thing a re-building team can do is build to win in your division.  Leslie Frazier has the best insight into the NFC North, his defense has been very good for years, I think he would do well provided Mayhew has any luck evaluating and aquiring talent.

 The fans have spoken! According to a poll issued in The Den message board, an overwhelming majority support Jim Schwartz as the team's next coach among several other candidates.

That being said, my preferred candidate is Schwartz, not only has he built a powerful defense he did it as part of a winning team that has been able to keep their staff in tact for years.  They have been in cap hell, tore it down re-built it and are arguably stronger than ever.  I can only assume that Schwartz got a good football education there.
- Flee1

Rex Ryan, he has coached one of the best overall defense in the league for years. Jim Schwartz is also a great choice. Ill take a defensive minded team over an offensive one any day.
- Ripham247

If you guys were to get Frazier, he would be able to scheme specifically for the Vikes as he knows what they have run the past few years. Plus he's a pretty solid coach. Other than Shanahan or Spags (who would turn it down I'm afraid) Frazier would be the best bet because I think many of the others will look upon the Lions as "the plague" as it pertains to headcoaching longevity/success.

I truly hope you guys get a solid coach who can start to turn things around.
- BoilerMacR

Schwartz, then Frazier. Schwartz's team are always good at stopping the run and getting off the field on thrd downs, two things we suck at.
- popsman15

May the Schwartz be with you....and the Lions front office.
- Freebird22

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