Pulse of the Den: The Schwartz Hiring

How are Lions fans responding to the hiring of Jim Schwartz? We take a peak into The Den message board ...

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HolycrossLions wrote:
I like him.
Because he seem to get the best out of his guys?
People overachieve around him, I never heard of Cortland Finnegan until this year.
That why his defense is rock solid.

SportyCliche wrote:
He actually understands football.

He has been part of a rebuilding period with the Titans.

He lost guys like Odom and LaBoy from last year's team and Vanden Bosch was banged up and missed 6 games...and they still finished with more sacks then they did the year before (from 40 to 44).

The players he plays on defense fit in with our defense, no need to completely revamp the roster.

VolTilUFall wrote:
Titans fan here.

You guys got a good one.  I hate to see him go, but wish him success in Detroit.

(Seriously, I do not think this bodes well for the Titans chances to re-sign Haynesworth....I don't know your cap situation, but Big Albert loves Jim Schwartz.)

annualhindsight wrote:
Here, here!  I was impressed with how they did this; methodical, thorough, close to the vest, and a good choice.  You have this fans attention Martin, can you keep it?

IrelandsBlue wrote:
No big deal to me. It doesn't matter who we get because unless ownership changes, Detroit is where coaches and QB's come to die.

He will coach here 3 years, get the fourth bought out by Ford and never be heard from again as a HC candidate.

Is he the best available? He probably is. And with that said, I feel sorry for him.

OSOFAN15 wrote:
one thing is for sure....not one single person can question his courage and/or bravery.

PrimeTimeKCJ21 wrote:
I'm very happy with this signing. I think Mayhew did a good job exploring all possible candidates before finally making a final decision. Lets hope this is finally the guy that will right this ship.

GoLions2006 wrote:
Excellent hire!  This is the guy I wanted all along!  May the Schwartz be with us!!

59 to 14 wrote:
Welcome to Detroit, Mr. Schwartz.

You are bright, articulate and a welcome change after that last guy. Win, and you will own the city (or at least what's left of it).

AtticusSpeaks wrote:
By my count, the starting DLs of TN had just 20 sacks.  Ahhh, but their backups had ... another 19 sacks!!

Schwartz actually believes some of what Rod believed -- that your pressure is best when given by all of your front 4.   And rotated guys to some extent -- to a large extent in 2008.  It's not really about having a super-great DE pass rusher ... to Schwartz.   It's about all the guys being able to penetrate -- including the fresher legs of the backups being rotated in -- and ready in case of injury.


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