Combine: Schwartz Talks Free-Agency

Can the Lions lure free-agents to an 0-16 team? Rookie head coach Jim Schwartz tackles that question and more during Thursday's press briefing at the Indianapolis Scouting Combine. editor and analyst Bill Huber is at the Indianapolis Combine. Below, he was at the press briefing involving Lions' head coach Jim Schwartz on Thursday morning.

New Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz just met with the media. Among the highlights ...

  • Schwartz on luring free agents to an 0-16 team: "I don't think anyone makes decisions strictly on the year before. The NFL offers a chance to turn things around (faster than other leagues)."
  • He says the Lions have not decided whether to take one of the top quarterbacks with the No. 1 overall pick of the draft.
  • He likened selecting at No. 1 as akin to playing blackjack at the $10,000 table rather than the $5 table. If you make bad decisions at the high-stakes table, "You're walking home, not flying home."
  • He said the Lions will build their team as if it played outdoors rather than Ford Field because of the possibility of late-season trips to Green Bay and Chicago. Teams that are big and physical never are impacted by the elements.
  • The Lions will be "multidimensional" on offense - something he learned from one of his proteges, Bill Belichick - and will continue to run a 4-3 defense because switching to a 3-4 would require a "major overhaul" of talent.

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