Mark Sanchez Wows Lions In Pro Day

Mark Sanchez - who has been gaining on assumed No. 1 pick Matthew Stafford in the last two weeks - may have surpassed the unsurpassable via his Pro Day on Wednesday. And the Detroit Lions were there to witness it.

We've caught a lot of flack for choosing Mark Sanchez No. 1 overall in the mock draft.

Much of that has to do with the media hoopla over Georgia's Matthew Stafford. It has seemingly bent the mind of the public, who don't do the due diligence of scouts and most credible draft analysts. And although Stafford is a great pro prospect in his own right (his private workout for the Lions on Tuesday was described as 'flawless'), Sanchez - who has been gaining on Stafford in the last two weeks - may have surpassed the unsurpassable via his Pro Day on Wednesday.

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At the official USC event, Sanchez's throws were on the money, and according to one scout, he did everything Stafford did at the Georgia Pro Day, and then some.

Detroit had a handful of scouts and coaching staff in attendance, headed by coach Jim Schwartz, and asked Sanchez to perform additional drills -- at their discretion. Sanchez agreed, and didn't disappoint.

"I spoke to five scouts tonight that were at USC’s Pro Day and they all raved about Sanchez," said draft analyst Chris Steuber. "They said Sanchez was more impressive than Stafford was at his Pro Day."

That sentiment was repeated by's Mike Mayock, who is considered one of the more elite player analysts in the country.

"The thing that I thought was interesting about the Sanchez workout is that there were 70 to 80 plays scripted, all these pro days are scripted," Mayock told the NFL Network. "But at the end of the script, the Detroit Lions coaching staff jumped in and threw some questions at him. (They) said we want to see the deep comeback against the wind, we want to see you roll out.

"The kid handled it flawlessly. He stepped up, he made every throw ... I look at it from an accuracy, footwork and consistency standpoint -- better workout than Matthew Stafford."

The Lions will meet again with Sanchez privately in mid-April.

Schwartz spoke with the NFL Network following the workout, but didn't tip his hand.

"Both very impressive guys. Different players, different skills sets," he said. "But both are really impressive quarterbacks. Both are going to make an NFL team really happy."

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